Initiatives of Sustainable Raw Material Procurement

Basic Concept

The Morinaga Group intends to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by formulating the Morinaga Group Procurement Policy, building equitable, fair, and transparent relationships with clients, and engaging socially and environmentally conscious procurement activities working together with the clients/business partners.

Morinaga Group Procurement Policy

In order to realize food safety and reliability as well as a sustainable society, the Morinaga Group endeavors to build fair and equitable relationships with our business partners and carry out procurement activities that are considerate of society and the environment.

1. Compliance/adherence to social norms, etc.
We comply with laws and social norms, etc., carrying out healthy procurement activities in accordance with the Morinaga Group’s Code of Conduct.
2. Product quality/safety assurance
Placing top priority on customers’ safety and peace of mind, we strive to ensure product quality in carrying out our procurement activities.
3. Strengthening partnerships
We work together with our business partners with the common goals of “Customer Delight” and “Customer First,” building relationships that enable mutual expansion.
4. Fair and equitable trading
Comprehensively taking into account efforts related to product quality, prices, delivery deadlines, technological strength, and social/environmental aspects, we undertake fair and equitable trading activities.
5. Consideration for human rights/work environment/safety
Based on the Morinaga Group’s human rights policies, we carry out procurement activities giving consideration to human rights, the work environment, and safety.
6. Consideration for the global environment
Based on the Morinaga Group’s environmental policies, we carry out procurement activities aimed at realizing a sustainable society, giving consideration to the global environment.

(Established in May 2018)

Supply Chain Management System

In May 2018, in pursuit of sustainable procurement of raw materials, the Morinaga Group established its procurement policy under the leadership of Morinaga & Co., Ltd. Based on the policy, primary responsible divisions—the Procurement Division, the Marketing Headquarters, and the Sustainable Management Department—develop plans, set goals, and assess activities undertaken by the Group’s member companies.

Medium-term Goal Setting for Sustainable Raw Material Procurement

In October 2020, Morinaga & Co., Ltd. set new medium-term targets for procuring 100 percent of its cacao beans, palm oil, and paper (for product packaging) as sustainable raw-materials, in order to contribute to realizing a sustainable society through food.

Medium-term Goal for Sustainable Raw Material Procurement