Introduction of Business Fields

"in-" Business

The "in-" Business is focusing on "in Jelly" and "in Bar" products in its efforts to create new eating styles and propose new lifestyle options enabling people to easily boost their nutritional intake when they don’t have time for a meal, such as when playing sport or getting ready in the mornings. We aim to make the "in-" brand the No.1 brand for food that promotes physical and mental wellness, with a focus on sports in response to growing health consciousness among consumers.

Mail Order Business

In light of heightened consumer health consciousness and expanded use of mail-order services, the mail-order business is seeking to connect directly with each customer on a personal level to help support their everyday health and well-being. The mail-order business provides products and services that help serve customers’ health and beauty needs through health foods and beverages, such as Morinaga Collagen Drink and Morinaga Aojiru.

U.S. Business

The U.S. Business’s HI-CHEW sales have continued to grow ever since the U.S. HI-CHEW launch, as customers have embraced the candy’s authentic fruitiness and a chewiness that other companies can’t replicate. We will continue with our focus on expanding and enhancing our sales networks, developing new products that provide value in the wellness field, and establishing a jelly drink market in the United States.

Frozen Desserts Business

The products of the Frozen Dessert Business are among the finest in the industry. They include highly original products that draw on our strengths in confectionery-related technical knowhow, such as Choco Monaka Jumbo, which we promote with special “freshness” marketing, and ICEBOX, which was created based on our proprietary technologies. The lineup offers a rich variety of products that are cherished by customers throughout the year regardless of the season.

Domestic Confectionary & Foodstuffs Business etc.

The Domestic Confectionary & Foodstuffs Business forms the core of our business activities. Its lineup centers on long-selling mainstay products such as HI-CHEW, DARS, Morinaga Biscuits, Milk Cocoa, and Morinaga Amazake, and we are constantly creating new delicious flavors and products suited for a variety of consumption settings. At the same time, we are pursuing the development of products with focus on health and wellness, such as high-cacao-content chocolate that tastes delicious while also delivering health benefits and amazake beverages, the nutritional and cosmetic benefits of which we are currently conducting research into. In this way, we disseminate wellness-related information and create products that are responsive to changing lifestyles.