Promotion of CSR Supply Chain Management

Basic Stance

In the supply chain, we will work together with business partners such as raw material suppliers in order to avoid conflicts with human rights, labor, or the environment.

CSR Supply Chain Management: Long-Term Targets

Goal for 2030

Implement for 80% or more of raw materials transaction value*

  1. *Group consolidated.

In June 2021, we formulated the Morinaga Group Supplier Guideline.
In October 2021, we held a briefing session for raw material suppliers with the participation of 49 companies.

In addition to sharing it with our business partners and asking them to comply with it, we will regularly monitor their activities through surveys and other means. If there are matters not conforming to the Guideline are found, steps will be taken to improve and resolve those matters.
Furthermore, information on progress will be published hereafter on our website and by other means.

Strengthening Partnerships with Business Partners

In order to realize food safety and reliability as well as a sustainable society, it is necessary to have a cooperative relationship with business partners based on trust throughout the supply chain, from procurement to production and distribution.
At our annual information exchange meeting with cooperating companies, we exchange information on various themes such as the "Morinaga Group Procurement Policy" (cooperation for procurement activities in the supply chain that are considerate towards society and the environment) and content related to quality assurance. In July 2021, 42 companies participated. We will continue to convey our cooperative stance on sustainability to our business partners and ask them for their understanding and the implementation of initiatives.