Promotion of Waste Reduction

Basic Stance

With the aim of creating a circular economy, Morinaga is promoting the reduction of waste emissions and recycling activities.

Initiatives to Reduce Waste Emissions

We are committed to reducing waste emissions by continuously undertaking productivity improvement activities and improving our mainstream work processes through, for example, the reduction of process losses.

Promotion of Waste Recycling

All Morinaga Group factories are working on the improvement of recycling rates. Going forward, we will continue to ensure an effective use of resources and promote efforts to convert them into value-added materials.

Waste Classification and Management

Morinaga's four factories and three affiliated production companies are working on the waste classification and management to ensure an effective use of resources.

Cooperation and Joint Efforts with Outside Parties to Promote Trash Separation and Recycling around Town

The Morinaga Group supported the installation of SmaGO smart trash bins, which incorporated IoT technology, along Omotesando and at Rayard Miyashita Park during 2020 and 2021.

  • *SmaGO smart trash bins: Using electricity generated by the solar panels installed on the top, the bins communicate with cloud servers via a 3G network enabling the amount trash inside to be monitored in real time. When the bins become full, trash is compressed automatically, making room for 5 to 6 times more trash than conventional bins. This makes for more efficient trash collection, and it promises reductions in the costs and CO2 emissions associated with collection. Because the bin uses only solar power, there are no electricity costs. SmaGO's side lid opens with a foot pedal, so trash can be thrown in without touching the lid.
  • *The SmaGO smart trash bin project is provided by Forcetech Inc.

Achieving Sustainable Value Chains

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