Corporate Principles

Delicious, Fun, and Healthy

Code of Conduct

The Morinaga Group’s corporate principles reflect our vision (basic philosophy), which is “Delicious, Fun, and Healthy,” and our mission, which is “We aim to contribute to the realization of abundant, safe eating choices and the promotion of health among the people of the world. To this end, we provide products, services, and information offering value and inspiration through business based on our pioneering spirit.”

In realizing our corporate principles, we have positioned customer trust as the most precious value for us, and we cherish our relationships of trust with customers.
We are aware that this trust is premised on continuing to develop and provide customers with products, services, and information that contribute to society, on placing the utmost priority on creating excellent quality products, and on ensuring customer safety and well-being, while at the same time expanding all Group company business activities in accordance with our corporate principles and in compliance with laws and ordinances, the corporate Code of Conduct, and internal regulations. Furthermore, in order to fulfill our corporate social responsibility and public mission, we are proactively undertaking initiatives to protect the global environment and contribute to society by endeavoring to achieve symbiosis with society in addition to sustainable growth.

To this end, we aim to establish a comfortable, positive corporate atmosphere where standards of conduct are fully upheld in daily business activities based on a firm understanding of the spirit of our Code of Conduct.

1. Promote customer-focused management and ensure excellent product quality together with safety and peace of mind
We will thoroughly implement the policy of customer-focused management while developing products, services, and information that contribute to society and by placing the utmost priority on excellent product quality together with safety and peace of mind.
2. Strictly comply with laws and ordinances, the corporate Code of Conduct, and internal regulations
We will comply with the corporate Code of Conduct, all laws and ordinances, and internal regulations in accordance with social conventions and norms.
3. Undertake business activities based on open, transparent, and free competition
We will pursue business activities based on open, transparent, and free competition.
4. Place the utmost importance on communication
In addition to maintaining good communication with all stakeholders (customers, society, suppliers, business partners, employees, and shareholders), we will ensure the reliability of accounting and financial reports, endeavor to enhance the transparency of management, and disclose corporate information in a proactive and accurate manner.
5. Protect the environment and contribute to society
Under an environmental philosophy that emphasizes the need to be kind to the environment, we will incorporate environmental considerations into every aspect of our business activities. Furthermore, by moving beyond our social activities as a good corporate citizen, we will proactively undertake social contributions that promote the healthy physical and mental development of children worldwide under our key concept of “Morinaga: treating people everywhere with kindness and valuing children.”
6. Reject and oppose antisocial forces
We will decisively oppose antisocial forces that threaten the good order and safety of society.
7. Respect human life and dignity
We will respect the personalities and individuality of work colleagues and strive to establish a workplace environment that instills safety, abundance, and comfort.
8. Practice the Code of Conduct
By recognizing that putting the spirit of the Code of Conduct into practice, corporate officers and top management will take the initiative and set the example for others in building an effective internal control system and ensuring that employees are fully appraised and invested in the Code of Conduct by proving Morinaga worthy of customer trust. In the unlikely event of a breach of the Code of Conduct, the situation will be promptly evaluated and determined. In addition to implementing all necessary measures, including the swift and accurate disclosure of information, we will endeavor to identify the root causes and implement preventive measures. We will clarify responsibilities and ensure strict disciplinary action as warranted.

Morinaga & Co., Ltd. January 1, 2008