Achieving a Healthy and Worker-friendly Workplace Environment

Basic Stance

In order to create better values for society, it is essential to maintain and promote “health of mind and body” among employees and their families and develop a workplace environment for employees to work actively and healthily. To this end, we are promoting initiatives on work-life balance and health management.

Realizing Work-life Balance

We are cutting back on the annual total labor hours and developing a worker-friendly labor environment aimed at striking a balance between work and life. We have introduced systems such as teleworking, flextime, staggered commuting, and personal holiday calendar where employees can set their holidays freely, and are minimizing restrictions based on time, location, and weekdays in creating an environment that is employee-friendly. We have also enabled employees to select working styles where they do not have to relocate, if so desired. We hope to enable work that suits each employee's requirement by family, childcare, nursing care, etc.

Annual Total Labor Hours (Morinaga & Co., Ltd. (non-consolidated))
FY2019/3 1,988 hours
FY2020/3 1,993 hours
FY2021/3 1,961 hours

Telework system

In April 2017, Morinaga introduced a telework program that covers approximately 1,000 employees. At the time of the introduction, we made some enhancements to our facilities and institutional arrangements, such as the use of ICTs and the removal of the core time requirements from the flexible work arrangements. In FY2020/3, more than 80% of eligible employees used the telework program, achieving a good balance between work and childcare, as well as a higher efficiency through an effective use of traveling time.

Promotion of Health Management

By supporting the maintenance and enhancement of the health of employees—who are the source of our corporate vitality and our most important assets—and their families, Morinaga promotes health management in order to create a company where it is rewarding to work and that enriches the lives of each employee.
In April 2018, we issued the Morinaga Health Declaration. Led by the Chief Health Officer (CHO), our Health Promotion Committee is active to strengthen collaborations with occupational health staff and the Morinaga Health Insurance Association, accelerate the promotion of health management, and promote various initiatives by seeing employees' health from a managerial perspective.
By definition, the CHO is the chief executive who is responsible for helping a company or organization recognize its employees' and their family members' health as part of corporate management, and carrying out health management systematically as a member of management, for employees and others.
The Morinaga Group will continue to actively support its employees' and their family members' mental and physical health through work style reform and health maintenance/promotion activities, in an effort to establish a foundation for active and extended work life.

Health Management Promotion Structural Chart (Morinaga & Co., Ltd.)

Recognized as The Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization

This is a program from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Nippon Kenko Kaigi intended for recognizing companies, including large enterprises and small to medium-sized enterprises, for their outstanding efforts towards promoting health through their health and productivity management. Morinaga & Co., Ltd. has been selected for five consecutive years since 2018 as a "Certified Health & Productivity Management Outstanding Organization" in the large enterprise category.
In the future, we will continue our efforts to create and maintain a workplace environment that allows employees to actively and enthusiastically demonstrate their maximum capabilities and to proactively support the maintenance and improvement of the physical and mental health of all employees.
Under our Vision and Mission, we will focus on the expansion of the health product segment.

2022 Recognized as The Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization

Occupational Health and Safety Initiatives

Based on the idea that “employees are the source of corporate vitality and the most important management
resource,” the company's labor and management work together to create a safe and comfortable working environment, by, for example, establishing the Health and Safety Committee, carrying out workplace safety and health patrols, providing safe driving training, and holding anti-overtime labor-management meetings.
We are also stepping up our health management efforts in collaboration with the Health Insurance Society, by encouraging employees to have health checkups and follow post-diagnosis health guidance to prevent lifestylerelated diseases.
We are also focusing on the prevention of mental health problems by taking various measures such as the setting up of an external point of consultation and providing employee training sessions.
Furthermore, we have been working to improve occupational health and safety, by ensuring that all employees receive safety education that is reviewed as necessary, while taking safety measures for using company equipment, Illustrating the results of our safety efforts.

Rate of Occupational Injury

  1. *1Frequency of occupational accidents indicates the number of injuries/ fatalities (including sick or injured due to non-lost work time accidents) due to occupational accidents per one million working hours.
  2. *21Frequency of occupational accidents indicates the number of injuries/ fatalities (not including sick or injured due to non-lost work time accidents) due to occupational accidents per one million working hours.

Diversity and Inclusion of People