Message from the President

“Delicious, Fun, and Healthy”

The MORINAGA Group will continue to provide value sought by society,
and pursue steady growth to become an enduring company.

MORINAGA & CO., LTD., was founded as a confectionery manufacturer in 1899. 2020 is therefore our 121st year in business. We have undertaken a great many challenges over the course of our history stretching back over a dozen decades.

MORINAGAʼs origins can be traced back to company founder Taichiro Morinagaʼs efforts to tackle societal issues by delivering delicious and highly nutritious Western confectionery to Japanese consumers in the late 18th century̶a time when Western confectionery culture had yet to take root in Japan and the Japanese diet was lacking in nutrition. Since then, MORINAGA has continued to take on numerous challenges enabling us to create a diverse range of products that will live long in the memories of the Japanese people. Examples of this include our launch of Milk Caramel in easy-to-carry pocket-sized boxes and being the first company in Japan to produce bean-to-bar chocolate. We consider the trust that we have earned from society and our customers over the last 120 years to be one of the companyʼs strengths.

While carrying on MORINAGAʼs founding spirit into the future, we will closely monitor the changing needs of society to ensure that we can continue to meet the expectations of all of our stakeholders. We also intend to continue generating new value by drawing on the talents of each and every employee in our diverse workforce and pooling their knowledge and capabilities to spark innovation. We will pursue this approach because we believe that by continuously being favored by customers and earning the trust of all of our stakeholders we can achieve steady growth as an enduring company.

The MORINAGA Group looks forward to your continued support and guidance.

Eijiro Ota
Representative Director President