Sustainability Advisory Board

Objective of Establishment and Operations

The Morinaga Group established the Sustainability Advisory Board (SAB) in April 2022 as an advisory body to the ESG Committee. SAB’s mission is to accurately identify and respond to the rapidly changing external environment and diversifying needs of stakeholders, and raise the level of sustainable business management. Three outside experts specializing in such fields as the SDGs business, ESG investment and diversity and inclusion participate in SAB to provide advice and recommendations on the Group’s strategies and initiatives.
By reflecting the advice and recommendations received from SAB in future measures and initiatives, we hope to make steady progress with the implementation of sustainability management as well as achieve sustainable growth and enhance corporate value.

First Meeting of the Sustainability Advisory Board

The first SAB meeting was held in May 2022. It was attended by these three outside experts along with four representatives from Morinaga, including the President, each director in charge of the Corporate Strategy Division and Sustainable Management Division and the Executive Officer and General Manager of the Sustainable Management Division. Members shared their views on the Group’s initiatives for achieving our Purpose and the 2030 Vision.

The main agenda items were as follows.

Main Agendas Items

1. Morinaga Group Integrated Report 2021 and 2030 Business Plan

2. Disclosure of Non-Financial Infomation

3. Promotion of Diversity and Inclusion

1. SAB praised Morinaga Group Integrated Report 2021 for conveying information concisely to investors and establishing shared understanding of the concept of “health of mind, body, and environment.” However, SAB shared the view that certain improvements can be made to the 2030 Vision; for example, providing greater detail regarding the initiatives to change into a wellness company.

2. Regarding disclosure of non-financial information, SAB provided and discussed the latest domestic and overseas information on disclosure trends in recent years, such as the TCFD recommendations and requests for disclosure of human capital.

3. For promotion of diversity and inclusion, SAB members provided advice and discussed relevant international standards and the considerations that should be made with a global perspective.

These valuable opinions will be reflected in the Group’s future sustainable business management and for the Group’s new value creation.

Sustainability at Morinaga Group

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