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A health ingredient derived from passionfruit seeds successfully developed through Morinaga’s independent research

Passienol™ is a passion fruit seed polyphenol that Morinaga successfully developed independently through our extensive research of food ingredients. The product contains large amounts of the polyphenol piceatannol and dimer scirpusin B. Morinaga was the first to discover that the passionfruit seed is rich in piceantannol, and we were able to successfully extract it in high concentrations. We names this new extract Passienol™ to commemorate its birth in the hope that it will contribute to people’s health.

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The latest research on the health functionality of cocoa, expanding from the daily dinner table to the medical workplace

It is being found that cocoa has many beneficial effects, including destroying Helicobacter pylori, alleviating sensitivity to cold, protecting against the influenza virus, and supporting intraoral hygiene.

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E-rutin (enzymatically modified rutin)

Enhancing the function of protein when ingested together
E-rutin (patented by Morinaga)—it is a product gaining attention

E-rutin is a natural plant-derived polyphenol (antioxidant). It is an enzymatically modified form of rutin, which is contained in the buds of the Japanese pagoda tree, a legume that is used in Chinese herbal medicine. Rutin is a polyphenol contained in buckwheat and other plants and is gaining attention as a functional food for its antioxidative effects.

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Collagen Peptide

The latest research on collagen, an important component of the body, especially skin and bone

Collagen is found in large amounts in foods such as shark fin, chicken wings, beef gristle, pigs’ feet, and jellied fish or meat broth. Gelatin is collagen that has been heated and broken down, and collagen peptide is gelatin broken down even further by enzymes.

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Latest research on the health and beauty benefits of amazake made from rice kouji and sake lees.

There are two types of amazake: one is made from rice koji, which is made by saccharifying rice with koji mold, and the other is made from sake lees, which is the residue after yeast alcohol fermentation. Both are fermentation products that are good for health and beauty.

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