Human Resource Development

Human Resources Development that Leads to the Achievement of the Purpose and 2030 Vision

We believe that human resources and organization development are the most crucial aspects in achieving our Purpose and 2030 Vision. We are conducting ongoing activities to permeate the Purpose and 2030 Vision among all directors and employees in order to promote deep understanding and share the Purpose and 2030 Vision.
In our basic policy for human resource development, we state, "we will promote human resource development with the integration of 'human resource development as the company's will' and 'individual self-sustaining career and automonous growth' based on the premise of linking with the management strategy.
Our ideal employee profile for creating values through business is as follows. We have defined “problem identification,” “planning and development,” “embracing challenges,” “execution,” “nurturing and self-development,” and “organization” as six essential skills and conducting human resources development through strengthening the training program that will instill these skills. In addition, we have also established a training system linked to the three main topics in human resources strategy: leader training, expertise enhancement, and productivity enhancement, which are implemented as a combination with training by job class and selfdevelopment.

Ideal Employees and the System for Their Cultivation

Training System (Morinaga & Co., Ltd. (non-consolidated) in FY2022/3)
Categories of training Specific examples (abstract)
Leader training
Management skills and nurturing skills enhancement training
Next-generation leaders training
Expertise enhancement
Marketing Headquarters: Advanced marketer training
Production Headquarters: Production technology training
Sales Headquarters: SP* training
Overseas Business Headquarters: Language skills enhancement program
Productivity enhancement
Problem-solving skills enhancement training
Business foundation skill training
  • *An acronym for Sales Promotion

Training PDCA Cycle

Aimed at clearly defining individual employees' growth path and properly running a training PDCA cycle on site, the Program consists of three phases: assessment, development of a training plan based thereon, and implementation of the plan. In the assessment phase, the person subject to the training identifies his/her own strengths and weaknesses jointly with his/her supervisor according to the definition of capabilities required for all Morinaga employees regardless of the job type, and develop an annual OJT- and Off-JT-based training plan. In the implementation phase, an interview session is held every quarter to review the employee's performance and confirm programs scheduled in the future. When these phases are completed, a training PDCA cycle is run.


Training through Off-JT

Basic employee education to develop “autonomous personnel” in 3 years

Morinaga has been particularly focused on the education and training of young employees and provide them with a basic training program that spans three years after joining the company. Included in the program are the OJT Trainer System for new employees, annual group training in the form of an Off-JT, and career interviews by the Human Resources Division. The Human Resources Division provides diversified support to younger personnel in such areas as skill, mind, and career. The three year program is designed to help participants develop.

Morinaga's three year basic training for new employees

Rank-based training

We continue to provide training to employees who have completed the three-year basic training program to help them further improve their skills, mindset, and behavior, according to the organizational roles they are expected to play.

Theme-based training

Our theme-based training programs, which are focused on management and business challenges, include the following: next-generation leader training, managementgame training, and educational training to improve specialized knowledge and skills required to perform duties specific to each division.

Human Resource Development through OJT

At their assigned workplace, new employees learn how to accomplish their duties by running the experiential learning cycle for a period of one year, under the guidance of the OJT trainer in charge of them. An increasing number of facilities and employees have adopted the Human Resource Development Program in sequence, and, in conjunction with the use of personnel appraisal system, each workplace is actively implementing OJT programs to ensuring that employees can grow and develop their skills through the programs.

Self-development Training

We provide a wide range of programs that motivate employees to learn more, according to individual employees' training themes. These free-choice programs include distance learning, e-learning, Company-sponsored theme-based training, and external seminars whose fees are partly paid by the Company. Participants in the distance- and/or e-learning programs can freely select their own courses from approximately 200 options. We have established financial assistance programs under which employees can receive an amount roughly equivalent to half of tuition fees, or monetary incentives if they attend a course as a group. A number of affiliate companies have adopted similar assistance programs to support their employees' learning.

Communication with Employees

Conducting regular interviews

In an effort to listen to our employee’s opinion, we hold various interview sessions between supervisors and their subordinates every quarter. These opportunities include quarterly accomplishment review, the Human Resource Development Program, and career design interviews. In this process, we make efforts to enhance employees' skills and performance by providing guidance and support for problem solving and growth while also emphasizing the process of reaching goals as well as evaluations based on MBO. We have established a system whereby employees who are subject to 360 degree evaluation are given feedback each time the evaluation is conducted, and are able to reflect on their own management style by receiving advice from their superiors.
In addition, the Human Resources Division holds an individual interview with participants in the rank-based training programs, ensuring that the Division can directly listen to employees and share their opinions.

Labor union

The All Morinaga Labor Union, which consists of nine labor unions—six from Morinaga Group member companies and three from Morinaga Milk Industry Group member companies—operates under a union shop system. All regular employees, except for managerial or executive positions, are members of the Union. The Union discusses various measures and is working on such issues as the improvement of workplace environment.

Initiative to make a better organization with good culture

We have continuously and regularly conducted employee awareness survey for more than 40 years. The survey is designed to identify issues to be resolved about corporate culture and various measures. The survey questions include those concerning the level of satisfaction with work, company, workplace, and supervisors, as well as other unique questions aligned with the times or circumstances, such as those asking the respondents' degree of understanding of the Medium-term Management Plan and their awareness of regulatory revisions. The results are shared with the management and each division's top executives, allowing them to use the results as important data for formulating management strategies and solving issues in respective organizations.
Morinaga is characterized by high employee satisfaction with the top management's communication regarding corporate vision and employees' great pride in their work and the Company.

Initiatives to Facilitate Innovation

Every year, Morinaga carries out initiatives to employ the diversity of ideas produced by individual employees and generate innovation.

President's Awards for Inventions and the Spirit of Challenge and Action

Under this system, the President personally screens and honors employees (teams) who have brought tremendous tangible benefits to the company through inventions, discoveries, or ideas, or who have demonstrated the spirit of challenge and action in achieving goals that would be impossible to achieve through ordinary efforts or ideas.

Initiatives through new business divisions

New Business Development Division, which is engaged in efforts to create new business models, has recruited members through an internal open recruitment system.
The Division is also creating a culture of pioneering spirit,by providing training sessions for employees who wish to be involved in the creation of new businesses and by organizing lectures to learn about changes in the external environment and gain a heightened or broad perspective.

Diversity and Inclusion of People