Co-existence and co-prosperity with local communities

Contributions to Areas Home to Our Headquarters or Offices

As a member of the Minato Net, a network comprising CSR personnel from companies whose headquarters or offices are located in Minato Ward, Tokyo, Morinaga is eager to exchange information with them and contribute to the Minato community. We have also joined the Minato Community Welfare Forum since 2016.
Furthermore, we participate in local cleanup activities in the areas near our factories and offices to promote communication with local communities.

Supporting activities to improve the environment in Rakujuen, Mishima City

Cleanup around Chukyo Factory on a continuing basis

Morinaga America Foods, Inc.
Cleaning 1.2 miles of public roads around the business site on a continuing basis

Support with our Product to Heavy Rain Disaster Areas

As relief supplies to Kumamoto prefecture, which was affected by heavy rain and floods in July 2020, we provided 24,000 units of in Jelly for easy nutritional support.

Support for the Fight against COVID-19

We provided 360,000 units of in Jelly to medical institutions and donated to the WeSupport project, which offers food support to healthcare workers.
Through Meals on Wheels Japan and Musubie, the national children's cafeteria support center, we provided 30,000 units of confectioneries to children's cafeterias.
We made a donation for the purpose of addressing the COVID-19 pandemic to the city in which Morinaga (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. is located.

Supporting local activities towards sustainability

In support of Yokohama city's ethical consumption campaign promoting the purchase of environment-friendly and socially-responsible products, we provided our products as gifts to be given out as part of the campaign.

Supporting Education and Preventing Child Labor in Cacao-producing Countries

The One Chocolate for One Smile project is aimed at aiding the activities to improve the educational environment for children in cacao-producing countries, using revenues from the sale of our chocolate products subject to the project (such as Dars). In addition to our year-round donation effort, we donate one yen per eligible chocolate product sold during the designated months. Since 2008, the total amount exceeded 200 million yen in ten years.
In cooperation with NGOs, we are working to support education and the eradication of child labor in cacao-producing countries.

Achieving Sustainable Value Chains

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