Contribute to “Health of Mind, Body, and Environment”

Develop products that contribute to “health of mind, body, and environment”

Delicious, easy, and quick protein supply

The demand for products that can easily replenish proteins is growing due to interest in body building and habits of training resulting from a rising health awareness, and as prevention for sarcopenia and frailness in the elderly. The Morinaga Group is expanding its lineup of protein supply products among the “in-” brand, including “in Jelly.” Recently, we have been working on enhancing added value such as by introducing E lutein, which strengthens the function of proteins.

Deliciously and easily replenish water and salt

There is an increasing occurrence of heat strokes due to the rising average temperature along with global warming. The Morinaga Group agrees with the Heat Illness Prevention - Communication Project, and is responding to the needs for replenishing water and salt through our products of in Jelly <Energy Lemon>, in Tablet, Morinaga Amazake, and Ice Box.

Deep dive into “health of mind” and evolve into “health of body”

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about drastic changes to people-to-people communication and stress levels. Given that the demand for healthy minds is stronger than ever before, we are striving to deeply explore “health of mind” in terms of scientific approach and consumer-oriented marketing. At the same time, we are also enhancing our technology to reduce sugar, fat, and calories to meet the growing needs for “health of body” in confectionery and foodstuffs.
We have developed products based on the changing needs of our customers by researching compounding and processing technologies that balance taste with nutritional ingredients and reduction of carbs and calories.
In particular, we created delicious products such as Morinaga Collagen Drink and in Bar Protein which hide the unique taste of certain nutrients.
Many confectionery and frozen desserts products are rich in sugar and carbohydrates, but we are also developing sugar-free and carbohydrate-free products such as "in Jelly" and "HI-CHEW" in addition to calorie-free products in order to appeal to a wider audience.

Information Provision to Consumers

Information dissemination based on sports science

The Morinaga Group operates a training lab that supports the body building and nutrition counseling for top athletes. We provide articles put together by trainers and dieticians of the Training Lab on our website, “Easy-to-understand textbook on protein.” The website gets an average of 1.5 million visits per month with a multitude of information from protein selection by Purpose of use, to food menu, and workout advice.


Initiatives for Resolving Social Issues

Supporting education and preventing child labor in cacao-producing countries (One Chocolate for One Smile)

The One Chocolate for One Smile project is aimed at aiding the activities to improve the educational environment for children in cacao-producing countries, using revenues from the sale of our chocolate products subject to the project (such as Dars). In addition to our year-round donation effort, we donate one yen per eligible chocolate product sold during the designated months. Since 2008, the total amount exceeded 200 million yen in ten years.
The amount donated is used for aid activities by our aid partners, Plan International Japan, a public interest incorporated foundation, and Action against Child Exploitation (ACE), an authorized NPO. These activities, which mainly target African countries such as Ghana and Cameroon, aim to support all children so that they can receive quality education and their homes and communities can achieve stability enough to provide education to the children and protect their rights.
These partners also used the donation money to improve the school and hygiene environment, provide technology guidance to farmers, and to raise awareness of children's rights through education in the aid areas. These activities helped stop child labor, thereby increasing the number of children who can go to school.

Children in Ghana enjoying school meals provided by the support program

One Chocolate for One Smile

Co-creative Action with Consumers

Project to Connect Smiles to the Future

In 2021, young and mid-career members of the sales division came together to launch the “Project to Connect Smiles to the Future,” as a co-creative action with consumers towards a sustainable society. First, the campaign of donating the equivalent amount of Chocoball to children's cafeterias throughout Japan based on the number of Chocoball purchased and applied for was launched. The campaign was promoted in stores of businesses endorsing the project, where we received 21,816 applications and truly felt the increasing public interest.

We have also launched a website where people can have fun learning about sustainability with "Kyoro-chan", Morinaga's popular bird-like mascot.
By explaining the SDGs and Morinaga Group's efforts in simple terms, we aim to encourage many customers to empathize with and participate in the creation of a sustainable society.

Corporate Citizenship

We also engage in corporate citizenship activities such as education for the younger generation.

Contributions to Healthy Lives of People around the World

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