Basic Stance

For conserving biodiversity, we ensure we ensure the conservation of biodiversity and the protection of ecosystems.

Biodiversity Conservation Initiatives

Formulation of Morinaga Group Procurement Policy

In accordance with the Morinaga Group Procurement Policy, we are committed to the conservation of biodiversity and engaged in our procurement activities focusing on the raw materials that are considerate of the global environment.

Membership in RSPO

In October 2019, Morinaga & Co., Ltd. joined the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and took the first steps towards the use of RSPO-certified oils.

Use of FSC®-certified paper

We aim to promote the shift to FSC®-certified paper sourced from well-managed forests and other sources and expand the scope of its use in sequence.

Sustainable cacao beans

We have started using Cocoa Horizons-certified raw materials in certain products.

Conserving the Global Environment

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