Contributions to Healthy Lives of People around the World

The Morinaga Group is contributing to the healthy lives of people around the world with our efforts in providing health values for mind, body, and environment.

Contribute to Healthy Lives of People around the World
Main challenges included in materiality
  1. Develop delicious and healthy foods
  2. Develop products with new value in response to consumer needs
  3. Develop sustainable products
  4. Food security and quality assurance
  5. Appropriately convey social and environmental information about products
Main expected opportunities and risks
  • ・Growing business opportunities following the rising health consciousness of consumers
  • ・Growing business opportunities and improving competitiveness by tapping into latent markets
  • ・Growing business opportunities from rising awareness of sustainability among consumers
  • ・Increasing social trust
  • ・Declining market competitiveness over the medium to long term caused by delayed response
  • ・Declining social trust, brand value, and corporate value
Main Actions Ahead of 2030
  1. Develop and supply products that contribute to “health of mind and body”
  2. Develop and supply products with sustainable value
  3. Supply safe and reliable foods
Response to SDGs
  • 2.Zero hunger
  • 3.Good Health and Well-being
  • 8.Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • 12.Responsible Consumption and Production

Basic Stance

The Group's quest for health begins with the founder Taichiro Morinaga's idea to bring delicious and highly nutritious Western confections to Japan and the statement of “rich in nourishment /exquisite flavor,” as written on the package of Milk Caramel. Since then, for over 120 years, we have been striving in our basic research, food processing technology, product developing capability, production technology, product promotion capability, and information provision capability, in order to consistently provide customers with values over the age. Even today, we are striving to provide values through a wide range of product categories to bring “health of mind (deliciousness and fun)” and “health of body (nutrition supplement)” to customers of all generations and lifestyles in order to contribute to a healthy life by harnessing these capabilities as our strength. Particularly, lifestyles have been diversifying in recent years, with the needs for nutritional supplements diversifying, such as “to also satisfy a craving,” “in dessert form,” and “in drinks form.” The Morinaga Group will meet customers' needs with various categories and forms of products. For the future, we will focus on the development of products that dive deeper into “health of mind” and sustainable products, in aiming to realise sustainable growth and enhanced corporate value for the Group by achieving the goal of “health of mind, body, and environment” as stated in the 2030 Vision.

Values Provided to Customers

Contributions to Healthy Lives of People around the World:Long-Term Targets

Goal for 2030

Provide the value of health to more than 70% of Japan’s population through new initiatives aimed at becoming a wellness company.

*1Scope: Products the Company defines as “Deep dive into ‘health of mind,’” “Accelerate ‘health of body,’” and “Evolve ‘health of mind’ to ‘health of body.’” Population percentage calculated based on the INTAGE Inc. SCI annual purchase rate (scope: consumers nationwide ages 15–79). The Company will explore the establishment of a vision on a global basis.