Identifying the Materiality

Process of Identifying Materiality

In order to identify our materiality, we conducted interviews with experts in the fields of sustainability, consumer issues, capital markets and ESG investment, etc., in July 2020 to obtain opinions on issues that we should address.
Following that, we summarized our 30 material issues for the realization of our Purpose and the 2030 Vision based on vital issues in management and business, international standards and initiatives such as SDGs, and Global Compact, expectations and requests from stakeholders such as customers, business partners, and NGOs, survey items received from survey organizations on CSR, ESG, and sustainability, and other factors such as the external environmental trend that surrounds the Morinaga Group and the food industry.
These material issues are evaluated for their importance from the two axes of “impact on the Morinaga Group's sustainable growth,” and “impact on the society's sustainable development” by 11 external stakeholders (three investors, four business partners, one NGO, and three Outside Directors) and 10 key members of the Company.
As a result, 21 issues have been rated as important, while seven of which have been rated as the most important (see materiality matrix*).
Based on this result and repeated discussion among board members, given comprehensive consideration on their relation to the Morinaga Group's management and business operations, we have identified five materialities.The materiality and its specific themes will be reviewed on a regular basis.

The Morinaga Group's Materiality Matrix