Fostering Organizations that are Diverse and Dynamic

Diversity and Inclusion

Our diversity promotion efforts began in FY2002/3, when the Company started its initiative to promote women's empowerment with the goal of creating an organization where women can demonstrate their abilities and play active roles.)
Later, in FY2013/3, Morinaga appointed the Diversity Promotion Team, and In April 2020, established the Diversity Promotion Office under the direct supervision of the President.
Based on the philosophy set out in the Morinaga Group Diversity and Inclusion Policy, we will promote the creation of inclusive workplaces that enable diverse human resources with various differences, not only in terms of gender, age, ethnicity, nationality, and presence or absence of disabilities, but also in values on work and life, individual character, and previous work experiences to give their strengths full play.

Morinaga Group Diversity and Inclusion Policy

“Leverage each person's individuality”

To deliver happiness to ever more people, the Morinaga Group aims to be a sustainable company that keeps growing. Our employees are the driving force toward achieving that aim: implementing diversity and inclusion maximizes that force. Therefore, we place those values at the core of our management strategy.
We take the approach of “leveraging each person's individuality” and at the same time develop relationships of mutual trust. In that way, we will create conditions where everyone can demonstrate their strengths and play an active role. By enhancing our ability to respond to changes (resilience) and creating new value (innovation) through augmenting the diverse knowledge generated by various individuals, we will continue to address those customers' and society's challenges.

— Five Guidelines for implementing the Policy —

1. Understanding and Respecting Individuals
The Morinaga Group is aware of, recognizes and mutually respects each person's differences.
When all employees properly understand unconscious bias and enhance the quality and quantity of communication, they will grasp one another's ways of thinking, values and backgrounds. They will then leverage differences among those elements to produce synergistic effects.
2. Promoting the Active Participation of All Employees
The Morinaga Group aims to enable all employees to play an active role.
We will strive to create circumstances where every one of them can expand their potential and demonstrate their abilities—regardless of age, gender, race, nationality, community, education, beliefs, religion, disabilities, sexual orientation, gender identity, health status, or other attributes—through putting the right people in the right positions according to their experience and abilities.
3. Providing Fair Support
The Morinaga Group respects every employee and provides fair support by understanding employees' diverse lifestyles.
The Group will strive to create good working environments and conduct fair evaluations according to employees' achievements and contributions to the company. In that way, the employees will be able to participate actively—even when various circumstances and constraints arise.
4. Building Relationships of Trust
The Morinaga Group values relationships of mutual trust.
All employees will build relationships of mutual trust with one another by having a spirit of altruism and valuing connections among people.
5. Emphasizing Independence and Challenge
The Morinaga Group aims to grow in line with the personal growth of its employees.
The Group will provide various opportunities such that all employees can grow as professionals who act autonomously while considering their own lifestyles and ways of working. The Group will also value an attitude of independence and willingness to take on challenges as a mindset that is essential for growth.

(Established: April 2021)

Systems and initiatives to support diversity and inclusion

Morinaga has established a workplace environment in which employees in different life stages can demonstrate their abilities and play an active role, while feeling motivated to grow further. This environment was achieved through the implementation of various employee programs, including the childcare leave program that is available to both male and female employees, as well as other programs that reduce the workload of employees who have an infant, child, or parent who needs care (see the table on p. 30).
Furthermore, Morinaga has been certified by the government as a “parent-friendly company” for the sixth
consecutive term since 2007, and has continuously achieved the Platinum Kurumin certification criteria since September 2017. In FY2020/3.
Meanwhile, to increase the percentage of male employees who take childcare leave, we have been making efforts including revising manuals, cooperating with the All Morinaga Labor Union, and speaking individually with employees.

Goal for 2030

20% for ratio of female managers*

*Morinaga & Co., Ltd. (non-consolidated)

Ratio of Female Managers

  • *The Platinum Kurumin:A certification mark is granted by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare to companies that provide support to their employees who want to achieve a good work-childcare balance and implement high-level initiatives as a parent-friendly company.
Outline of Programs and Schemes (MORINAGA & CO.,LTD.)
Program Title
(For Women)
Scheme Outline
Outpatient/ morning sickness leave A leave of up to 7 days if it is difficult to work during pregnancy or within 1 year after giving birth
Prenatal and postnatal leave A leave of 6 weeks before and 8 weeks after childbirth
Program Title
(Regardless of gender)
Scheme Outline
Childcare leave at the time of birth A leave of up to 4 weeks in total within 8 weeks after childbirth (can be taken in parts)
Childcare leave A leave of up to 30 months (can be taken in parts)
Shorter work hour system for childcare 4 working hours until the child reaches 18 months of age; 6 working hours until the child completes the third grade of elementary school
Child nursing leave Up to 5 days a year in the case of one child or up to 10 days a year in the case of 2 or more children in the third grade of elementary school or younger
Long-term nursing care leave/ short working hours for nursing care A total of up to 1 year for each family member in need of nursing care, if the long-term nursing care leave and the 4-short working for nursing care are combined
Nursing care leave Up to 5 days a year for one family member or up to 10 days a year for two or more family members in need of nursing care; available in units of 1 day
Angel Return Program Employees may rejoin the company after their voluntarly turnover

Promotion of Employing People with Disabilities

Under the company policy of providing a place where each employee can demonstrate their personal qualities and skills, we have employees with disabilities playing an active role in a range of workplaces within the company from the Administration and Sales Divisions to the Production Division. In the future, we will continue to proactively create employment opportunities for people with disabilities.


Morinaga has introduced a retiree reemployment system. As a general rule, all retiring employees who wish to do so are reemployed for the period until they reach the age of eligibility for pension benefits. We have also introduced a senior ranking system and evaluation system in the expectation that employees will continue to demonstrate their expertise even after retirement age, encouraging motivation and the desire to take on challenges.

Joint Diversity Promotion Activities by Six Food Companies

Sharing a number of similarities in their business models, history, and personnel issues, a group of six food companies, including Morinaga, formed a collaborative network in an effort of promoting diversity and inclusion beyond organizational boundaries and contributing to the improvement of corporate value and the development of the food industry. In the Network, they jointly organize a wide range of events such as the Diversity Forum.
(The six food companies: Sapporo Holdings Limited, Nichirei Foods Inc., Nisshin Seifun Group Inc., Morinaga & Co., Ltd., Morinaga Milk Industry Co., Ltd., and Lotte Co., Ltd.)
Initially, the group focused on the promotion of active participation of women in society. Later, they came to the view that, in order to create a vibrant industry that can continue to provide new value to its customers, each and every employee, irrespective of gender, must fully demonstrate his or her strength. Based on the view, the group expanded the scope of their activities to the promotion of the spirit of diversity and inclusion. In January 2020, a Diversity Forum entitled “SPIRAL UP!—What is Kaisha for you?” was held at 64 satellite venues nationwide, and participated by approximately 900 people in total.

Diversity and Inclusion of People