Research and Development

Our Dedication to Research and Development

“I wish to provide delicious, highly nutritious Western confectionaries to the people of Japan.”
Morinaga’s research and development was launched with this desire as expressed by Taichiro Morinaga, the company’s founder.

Since then, we have refined our basic research, ingredient research, food processing technology, and mass production technology to achieve flavors that suit people's delicate tastes, develop unique new products, and promote new dietary styles that favor functionality and convenience.

  • 1918Milk Chocolate

    Japan’s first production of chocolate from cacao beans in a “bean-to-bar” process

  • 1972Choco Monaka Jumbo

    Ice cream produced utilizing confectionery techniques used for baked confections and chocolate

  • 1975HI-CHEW

    Pursuing a soft texture and juicy flavor

  • 1994in Jelly

    Creation of a new food culture through the convenience of drinking and the satisfaction of eating

Our R&D department always considers products from the customer’s point of view and is engaged in elucidating the emotional value of products and conducting affective research in order to contribute to the health of mind of our customers. In addition, to ensure the health of body, we promote research on the functionality of food products and the development of products with high health value.

Our Research and Development Structure

Our R&D Center consists of the R&D Strategy Division, Basic Research Division, and Product Development Division, and is based out of the Morinaga R&D Center in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture. In addition, we established a laboratory in the U.S. in the spring of 2022 in order to develop U.S. local needs and speed up product development beyond the domestic market. We will further expand our R&D functions in the future.

  • Exterior

  • Production of HI-CHEW prototypes

Morinaga R&D Center

With technology as its core, in the spring of 2022, we established the Morinaga R&D Center in order to create new customer value for the future. Our researchers are working with enthusiasm, taking on the challenge of creating new value by promoting co-creation both inside and outside the company.

What our R&D Center
strives to be
An R&D Center that creates
new customer value for the future,
with technology as its core
  • Our Work Style Concept

    Open Sesame!

    Break away, connect, and co-create

    Let individual wants become the wants of
    others by connecting people, technology,
    and society with a playful spirit open to
    co-create new values.

  • Our Workplace Concept

    morinaga SEEDs Lab.

    A creative space where people gather,
    discussions flourish, and new values
    (products and technologies)
    emerge one after another through co-creation.

  • 1F, 2F collaboration PARK (Entrance Meeting)

    An area for interaction with the outside world with the idea that new seeds (new customer values) will sprout one after another through co-creation with the outside world. The open ceiling space connects the outside with the first and the second floors.

  • 3F, 4F connect PARK (Office and Communication)

    Based on discussions among our researchers to create new styles of working, various spaces have been arranged in the office and communication areas. Walls have been eliminated as much as possible, and large windows provide a visual connection to prototypes and experiments.

  • Cultivation of Mass Production Technology

    We have enhanced our pilot plant as a testing site that connects the Morinaga R&D Center and production sites, making it a place where not only research and development but also production conditions can be verified all the way through. The pilot plant also functions as a production factory on a small scale with its food business license.

  • Promotion of External Co-Creation

    We have created areas for external co-creation, including an open laboratory, a sensory evaluation room, and a lounge and terrace where people can interact in a relaxed atmosphere. The pilot plant also has a dedicated plant for testing with external partners.

  • The Morinaga R&D Center received the New Office Promotion Award at the 35th Nikkei New Office Awards, which recognize comfortable and functional offices.