Promotion of Environmental Consideration in Containers and Packaging

Basic Stance

Owing to the variety and wideness of its product range, the Morinaga Group uses packaging materials made of diversified materials. It also uses packing materials for the storage and transportation purposes.
We are promoting environmentally conscious initiatives for packaging materials that involve multifaceted issues such as plastic issues, deforestation, and climate change.
As one such initiative, we have newly established a long-term reduction target for the volume of plastic used in the packaging material of our mainstay product in Jelly. With efforts to meet this target as our reference point, we will pursue environmental conservation towards the establishment of a recycling society.

Reduction of the Plastics: Long-Term Targets

Goal for 2030

Reduce the plastics used in in Jelly products by 25%*1*2

  1. *1Scope: Amount of plastics used in packaging materials
  2. *2intensity; compared to FY2020/3; including replacement with biomass plastics

Environmental Initiatives in the Containers and Packaging of Major Brands

Initiatives Current initiatives (includes tentative items)
Reduce weight and volume of plastic Reduce the amount of plastic used in the packaging of products including in Jelly and Choco Monaka Jumbo.
Switch to eco-friendly materials for packaging Switch plastic package of HI-CHEW and in Jelly to biomass-derived plastic packaging.
Promote recycling Launched in Jelly Recycling Program in September 2021

Reduction of plastics used in/use of biomass ink for “in Jelly” brand's packages

In February 2020, we reduced the amount of plastics used in the “in Jelly” brand's packages by saving the weight of plastic cap and straw by approximately 9% (approximately 70 tons per year) compared to the conventional level. In addition, we partly replaced the printing ink used in the product with plant-derived, environmentally-friendly biomass ink. At the same time, we adopted easier-to-open caps to improve customer convenience.


Initiatives for reducing plastic waste: in Jelly Recycling Program

To further reduce plastic waste, Morinaga and TerraCycle Japan G.K. launched a recycling program to collect empty jelly drink containers in September 2021. The program works to collect used containers and recycle them into new plastic products as resources. We will continue to promote recycling initiatives for in Jelly as a leading jelly drink brand.

The collection box and students of Koriyama High School in Fukushima Prefecture

Efforts For The Use Of Sustainable Paper(for product packaging)

Conserving the Global Environment