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By using, you agree to abide by the Terms of Use below. Morinaga may modify these Terms of Use by updating this webpage at any time and without notice to you, and any changes are effective immediately.

1. Copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights 1. Copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights

- The copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights to the content on (hereinafter, “website data”), including corporate marks, trademarks, service marks, logo marks, character drawings, images, text, audio and programming code, are the property of either Morinaga, its affiliates or partner companies (hereinafter represented together as “Morinaga”).
- This website data, either in its entirety or any portion thereof, may not be downloaded, printed, copied by any means, modified (including the removal of displayed copyrights and trademarks), rented, leased, distributed, transmitted, broadcast, transferred to another website or printed material, or used for commercial purposes (hereinafter represented together as “actions”) without the express permission of Morinaga. If you engage in these actions without permission, you may be prosecuted under law for infringement on the copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights of Morinaga.
- This website data may be reproduced for personal uses, such as by individuals and families (private use as defined by Clause 30, Section 1 of the Copyright Act of Japan), but website content may not be modified, distributed, etc.
- Website data on that Morinaga has given you permission to download is only for private use, and does not imply that Morinaga has conferred any rights to the website data to you.
- Morinaga retains all copyrights to the content of any emails its sends to you, and this email content may not be transferred or reproduced without permission from Morinaga.

To creators of websites that display Morinaga characters and products

Displaying Morinaga characters without permission on a public website may infringe on the copyrights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights of Morinaga. However, Morinaga permits the display of its characters and products on your own website as long as it is not for commercial purposes and the following rules are carefully followed. The same guidelines apply on all computer networks, including those for mobile devices.

Please take special care in following these rules.

1. Scope and terms of use

  1. Must be used on personal websites for non-commercial purposes.
  2. Websites displaying Morinaga characters and products must not have any content that functions to the detriment of Morinaga or content that violates public morals and standards of decency.
  3. The personal website must make clear to viewers that it is not the official Morinaga website or a website approved by Morinaga.
  4. Images originally created by Morinaga must not be traced, modified, reworked, or revised in any way.
  5. The following note must be displayed on websites that contain Morinaga characters and products.

<Example: Kyoro-chan character>
"This website is not affiliated in any way with Morinaga & Co., Ltd.
All intellectual property rights associated with Kyoro-chan belong to Morinaga & Co., Ltd."

2. Prohibited actions: The following actions are prohibited

  1. Using Morinaga’s company name, product names, and character names as the name of the personal website.
  2. Displaying trademarks, service marks, logo marks and corporate marks of Morinaga (excluding banner images with links to Morinaga’s website that Morinaga gave you permission to use).
  3. Adding callouts (words or sentences) to, animating, putting clothes on, or any other unique portrayal of Morinaga characters (including images you created that look like Morinaga characters, or pictures of Morinaga stuffed animals).
  4. Any other action that could damage the reputation of Morinaga characters (including animations, comic or book adaptations).
  5. Embedding and distributing Morinaga characters or products (including images you created) as icons, wallpaper, standby images, etc. in freeware or shareware; creating and publishing games that use Morinaga characters or products.
  6. Publishing images, audio and music used in Morinaga TV commercials, or any derivative arrangements.
  7. Using Morinaga website data.
    Even if these rules are followed, in the event that Morinaga determines its characters and products are being used inappropriately, Morinaga reserves the right to revoke any permission for use without warning and demand that its content be deleted.
    oreover, even if these rules are followed, Morinaga does not endorse third-party websites (your website is not an official Morinaga website).

2. Protection of privacy 2. Protection of privacy

Morinaga respects and protects the privacy of personal information you provide on Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.

3. Forward‐looking statements 3. Forward‐looking statements

Morinaga’s website may contain forward-looking statements about the future business prospects and financial performance of Morinaga and its Group companies. These forward‐looking statements include risks and uncertainties, and should be regarded only as forecasts as of that point in time. Actual business and financial performance may differ materially from these forward‐looking statements due to a variety of factors including economic conditions, market trends, and foreign exchange rates that affect the operations of Morinaga and its Group companies. You should not place any undue reliance on these forward‐looking statements. Morinaga shall not accept any obligation to correct these forward‐looking statements.

4. Limitation of liability 4. Limitation of liability

- Morinaga takes the utmost caution when posting information on, but does not guarantee the correctness or completeness of this information.
- Morinaga may change the information posted on without prior notification.
- You agree to not hold Morinaga liable for any damages that may arise from using this information, or from being unable to use this information for some reason.
- Morinaga is not liable for any problems with or damages to your software or hardware that may result from using
- Morinaga may suspend or discontinue the operation of without prior notification.

5. Links 5. Links

- Organizations, companies and individuals are allowed to link to content on (These links may only be set up on other web pages on the internet. Please consult with Morinaga about setting up links from other types of media and hardware, such as CDs and TVs.)
- However, websites that Morinaga categorizes as described below are not allowed to link to content on Morinaga may block links from such websites without warning.

  • Websites that slander or defame Morinaga or a third party, or are deemed likely to do so.
  • Websites that infringe on the intellectual property rights or other rights of Morinaga or a third party, or are deemed likely to do so.
  • Websites that are offensive to public order and morals.
  • Websites that are likely to mislead users or induce errors in their judgement.
  • Links designed to alter the original webpage design by linking to only partial data on

- Websites that are not and have links to/from (hereinafter, “linked websites”) are the sole responsibility of the operator of the linked website. If you use these linked websites, you must abide by the terms of use of the respective website. Morinaga shall not be held liable for any damages incurred by your use of these linked websites.
- Note that when linking to webpages other than the top page on, the file names and the website structure may change without notice, thereby rendering such links unusable.
- Please use the graphic below (without changing its size or colors) for links to

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6. If you submit material to us 6. If you submit material to us

Unless requested by Morinaga, Morinaga does not solicit or accept your ideas, proposals, or materials for products or other matters. Please do not send us any ideas, proposals, or materials. If you ignore this warning and send ideas, proposals, notes, graphics, plans or any other information (hereinafter represented together as “information”) to Morinaga, such information will be treated as the property of Morinaga.
In this case, Morinaga shall not be held responsible for keeping such information confidential or reporting how such information is used.
Any currently acknowledged rights or future rights to such information shall be exclusively transferred to Morinaga without regard to its geographical origin, categorization or attributes. Morinaga reserves the right to use such information for commercial or any other purpose without restriction and without paying compensation to the provider of such information.

7. Governing law and jurisdiction 7. Governing law and jurisdiction

The interpretation of these Terms of Use and the operation of is governed by Japanese law.
The Tokyo District Court has exclusive jurisdiction over any and all disputes related to this website and the content of this agreement.