Collaboration with Social Groups/Non-affiliate Companies/Organizations

Basic Concept

To resolve various social issues, the Morinaga Group is engaged in donation, sponsorship and cooperation, and joint programs in collaboration with customers, society, governmental bodies, organizations, and other corporations that have shared values with us.

Collaboration with NPOs—Contribution to cacao producing countries

In 2008, Morinaga launched a support program for children living in cocoa-producing countries. We are working toward the achievement of a society where everyone can smile and have access to education in a safe environment, not only those who enjoy chocolate but also children in the countries producing cacao, a raw material for chocolate.

Social issues surrounding cocoa-producing countries

Some of the equatorial countries producing cacao, the raw material for chocolate, have not achieved financial independence, preventing their people from accessing an appropriate educational environment. Education plays a key role in helping children acquire an ability to choose their own future and live in their own way. However, in the world, there are some children who are subjected to child labor and deprived of opportunities to receive a proper education due to poverty and insufficient understanding about the importance of education, as demonstrated by aged or a lack of school buildings or classrooms, as well as the shortage of teachers and supplies that are necessary for lessons.
With the wish to bring a smile to everyone—not only those who enjoy chocolate but also children who are learning in the countries that are home to chocolate—in mind, Morinaga launched the One Chocolate for One Smile project in 2008 to improve the situation in cacao-producing countries.

Framework of One Chocolate for One Smile

Framework of One Chocolate for One Smile

Bring a smile to consumers, manufacturers, and everyone—Aid activities through the One Chocolate for One Smile campaign

The One Chocolate for One Smile project is aimed at aiding the activities to improve the educational environment for children in cacao-producing countries, using revenues from the sale of our chocolate products subject to the project (such as Dars). In addition to our year-round donation effort, we donate one yen per eligible chocolate product sold during the designated months. Since 2008, the total amount exceeded 200 million yen in ten years.
The amount donated is used for aid activities by our aid partners, Plan International Japan, a public interest incorporated foundation, and Action against Child Exploitation (ACE), an authorized NPO. These activities, which mainly target African countries such as Ghana and Cameroon, aim to support all children so that they can receive quality education and their homes and communities can achieve stability enough to provide education to the children and protect their rights.
These partners also used the donation money to improve the school and hygiene environment, provide technology guidance to farmers, and to raise awareness of children’s rights through education in the aid areas. These activities helped stop child labor, thereby increasing the number of children who can go to school.

Plan International

Japanese NGO ACE

Bring a smile to consumers, manufacturers, and everyone—Aid activities through the One Chocolate for One Smile campaign

Membership in the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF)

Morinaga supports the activities of the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF)—which promotes various programs aimed at providing technical guidance and educational support for cacao farmers, as well as realizing societies without child labor, and provide support for cacao-producing countries through our activities as a WCF member.

Providing technical guidance to cacao farmers

Providing technical guidance to cacao farmers

Participation in the Bellmark Program

Morinaga has continuously participated in the Bellmark program since it was launched in 1960 and has provided support for Bellmark activities, which assist the improvement of school equipment and educational materials, as well as children who are endeavoring to learn with various disabilities. Currently, Morinaga is contributing to the Bellmark program by printing the Bell Mark on six products: Milk Caramel, Hi-Soft, Morinaga Biscuits, ChocoBall, Milk Chocolate, and Ottotto.


Morinaga Angel Foundation

Emphasizing the importance of an “Angel’s Heart,” which is Morinaga’s symbol, the Morinaga Angel Foundation conducts research on forms of abundant human lifestyles and the ideal of families in the future through, for example, art, sports, nature, food, and classics. We are also engaged in activities to deliver a picture book titled “MORI-no-Ehon” to children who are living in the areas hit by recent earthquakes, heavy rains, and other natural disasters, including the Great East Japan Earthquake. The number of the book’s copies delivered amounted 8,556.

Activities to deliver the MORI-no-Ehon picture book

Activities to deliver the MORI-no-Ehon picture book

Joint Programs with Non-affiliated Companies through the Angel Smile Project

Under the Project, companies (limited to food manufacturers, distributors, and providers) that wish to use Morinaga’s trademarks of "Angel" join CSR activities that contribute to the improvement of environments for children’s education and training, in lieu of paying a royalty.
In FY2020/3, the project’s scope has been expanded to the use of patent rights, and, as the fruit of an initiative to revitalize the local economy, which was jointly undertaken by Kawasaki City, Kawasaki Instituter of Industrial Promotion, and Kawasaki Shinkin Bank, a new product Angel no Hoppe (angel’s cheeks), a Daifuku confection flavored with powdered green tea and chocolate, was launched by Kashisho Suehiroan, a Japanese-sweets manufacturer, utilizing Morinaga’s patented technology.

Collaboration with Schools and Organizations

As part of our educational courses on resolving social issues, we present lectures at the seminars sponsored by various organizations such as high schools, consumer groups, NGOs, and government bodies. In 2018, members of the CSR Group in the Corporate Communication Division gave a lecture on the One Chocolate for One Smile project at Ritsumeikan Moriyama Senior High School in Shiga Prefecture, in response to its request. The lecture, which was delivered in an active-learning format, provided students with an opportunity to learn about a variety of social issues and to consider ways to contribute to the international cooperation. The students enthusiastically contributed opinions and presented concrete proposals.

A lecture at a school

A lecture at a school

Contributions to Areas Home to Our Headquarters or Offices

As a member of the Minato Net, a network comprising CSR personnel from companies whose headquarters or offices are located in Minato Ward, Tokyo, Morinaga is eager to exchange information with them and contribute to the Minato community. We have also joined the Minato Community Welfare Forum since 2016.
Further, we participate in local cleanup activities in the areas near our factories and offices to promote communication with the local communitie

Supporting activities to improve the environment in Rakujuen, Mishima City