Together with Employees


Basic Concept

The Morinaga Group promotes diversity as a management strategy.
Our objective in promoting diversity is to encourage employees to work enthusiastically while demonstrating their individual strengths, as well as to generate innovation while showing respect for each other and exchanging knowledge.
To this end, we are undertaking initiatives that include health management, human resource development, and workstyle reform.

Diversity Promotion System

In April 2020, in an effort to position diversity at the centerpiece of its management strategy, Morinaga established the Diversity Promotion Office as a direct report to the President. Our diversity promotion efforts began in 2001 when the Company started its initiative to promote women’s empowerment with a goal of creating an organization where women can demonstrate their abilities and play an active role. Later, in FY2013/3, Morinaga appointed the Diversity Promotion Team to accelerate the initiative. As society increasingly considers that maintaining a job even after a childbirth or during child care is a more usual option than quitting a job, roles of corporations’ diversity initiatives is shifting from the creation of an organization where employees can have a long career to the creation of organization that can provide job satisfaction to all employees. In order to pursue the happiness of each and every customer and employee and continue to be a company recognized and selected by society, we will continue to promote activities toward the goal of leveraging each person’s individuality, engaging all of them in the activities.

Diversity Promotion System

Morinaga Group Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Workstyle Reform

We aim to create an organization that enables our employees to demonstrate their creativity to the full potential through: 1) the implementation of flexible work hours and locations; and 2) the use of ICTs and office functions. We have taken various measures including the introduction of telework arrangements for 1) above, as well as the adoption of a free-address system to replace the conventional arrangement of desks at the headquarters, research lab, certain sales branches, and factories for 2).

Telework system

In April 2017, Morinaga introduced a telework program that covers approximately 1,000 employees. At the time of the introduction, we made some enhancements to our facilities and institutional arrangements, such as the use of ICTs and the removal of the core time requirements from the flexible work arrangements. In FY2020/3, more than 80% of eligible employees used the telework program, achieving a good balance between work and childcare, as well as a higher efficiency through an effective use of traveling time.
In March 2020, the scope of eligible employees was expanded to associate employees. As of May 2020, the number of employees eligible to the program has reached approximately 1,400.

Other programs that support work-life balance

Morinaga has established a workplace environment in which employees in different life stages can demonstrate their abilities and play an active role, while feeling motivated to grow further. This environment was achieved through the implementation of various employee programs, including the childcare leave program that is available to both male and female employees, as well as other programs that reduce the workload of employees who have an infant, child, or parent who needs care (see the table on p. 30).
Furthermore, Morinaga has been certified by the government as a “parent-friendly company” for the sixth consecutive term since 2007, and has continuously achieved the Platinum Kurumin* certification criteria since September 2017. In FY2020/3, we set a primary goal of increasing the percentage of male employees who take childcare leave, and implemented relevant measures such as a revision of manuals, negotiation with the All Morinaga Labor Union, and approaching individual male employees. As a result, the percentage increased 2.9 times compared to the previous year.

The Platinum Kurumin

  • *The Platinum Kurumin
    A certification mark is granted by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare to companies that provide support to their employees who want to achieve a good work-childcare balance and implement high-level initiatives as a parent-friendly company.

Actual Ratio of Female Managers (Morinaga & Co., Ltd.)

Outline of Programs and Schemes/Number of Leave Days Taken (Morinaga & Co., Ltd.)

Initiatives for Health Management

Health Management Initiatives

Morinaga’s health management

By supporting the maintenance and enhancement of the health of employees—who are the source of our corporate vitality and our most important assets—and their families, Morinaga promotes health management in order to create a company where it is rewarding to work and that enriches the lives of each employee.
In April 2018, we issued the Morinaga Health Declaration. Led by the Chief Health Officer (CHO), our Health Promotion Committee is active to strengthen collaborations with occupational health staff and the Morinaga Health Insurance Association, accelerate the promotion of health management, and promote various initiatives by seeing employees’ health from a managerial perspective.
By definition, the CHO is the chief executive who is responsible for helping a company or organization recognize its employees’ and their family members’ health as part of corporate management, and carrying out health management systematically as a member of management, for employees and others.
The Morinaga Group will continue to actively support its employees’ and their family members’ mental and physical health through work style reform and health maintenance/promotion activities, in an effort to establish a foundation for active and extended work life.

Health Management Promotion Structural Chart (Morinaga & Co., Ltd.)

Practice of Morinaga Calisthenics

Since October 2018, Morinaga Calisthenics, which were devised by the Morinaga Training Lab,* have been practiced every day at all Morinaga offices and factories. These simple exercises can be performed in the workplace and are helpful in ameliorating stiff shoulders and preventing back pain.
They were devised by the Lab’s staff to enhance employees’ health and work performance, based on the knowledge they gained during supporting top athletes.
Furthermore, in FY2020/3, we held an app-based walking event to help all Morinaga employees nationwide improve their health and exercise habits.

A Morinaga Calisthenics session in progress

A Morinaga Calisthenics session in progress

  • *Morinaga Training Lab: A training facility focused on the improvement of top athletes’ performance through training, nutrition, and conditioning programs.

Recognized as The Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization in the White 500 category

For three consecutive years from 2018 through 2020, Morinaga was certified as The Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization in the White 500 (large enterprise) category. This program awards enterprises that practice particularly outstanding health management based on health promotion initiatives. In the future, we will continue our efforts to create and maintain a workplace environment that allows employees to actively and enthusiastically demonstrate their maximum capabilities and to proactively support the maintenance and improvement of the physical and mental health of all employees.
Under our Vision and Mission, we will focus on the expansion of the health product segment.

Recognized as The Certified Health and Productivity Management Organization in the White 500 category

Initiatives to Reduce Overtime Hours

We are committed to helping our employees have a wide range of work-style options through company-wide initiatives such as the telework arrangements and Premium Friday, as well as experimental efforts at some offices, including No Overtime Day, rules for leaving work on time, and personal-choice holidays. As a result of these initiatives, Morinaga & Co. Ltd. successfully reduced the overtime work of FY2019 by 26 hours per person in average, compared to FY2019/3.

Occupational Health and Safety Initiatives

Based on the idea that “employees are the source of corporate vitality and the most important management resource,” the company’s labor and management work together to create a safe and comfortable working environment, by, for example, establishing the Health and Safety Committee, carrying out workplace safety and health patrols, providing safe driving training, and holding anti-overtime labor-management meetings.
We are also stepping up our health management efforts in collaboration with the Health Insurance Society, by encouraging employees to have health checkups and follow post-diagnosis health guidance to prevent lifestyle-related diseases.
We are also focusing on the prevention of mental health problems by taking various measures such as the setting up of an external point of consultation and providing employee training sessions.
Furthermore, in FY2020/3, we achieved zero lost time injuries for the first time, by ensuring that all employees receive safety education that will be reviewed as necessary, while taking safety measures for using company equipment. The rate of frequency is on a downward trend from 3.07 in FY2018/3 to 2.02 in FY2019/3 to 1.05 in FY2020/3, illustrating the results of our daily safety efforts.

Rate of Frequency

Scope of frequency rate analysis

Human Resource Development

Basic Concept

A company’s growth depends on its individual employees’ development.
We consider that human resource development is an important strategic challenge that must be overcome not only to achieve our vision and mission but to ensure an enduring growth. Based on the concept above, we continue to support the growth of each and every employee.

Morinaga Group’s Ideal Employee Profile

To prepare for the next new age, the Morinaga Group is looking for personnel who are highly motivated, eager to take on challenges, and capable of creating new value. The Group has defined an ideal employee profile and broken it down into the following four characteristics: 1) capable of taking on challenges; 2) capable of acting independently; 3) capable of thinking thoroughly; and 4) capable of engaging others.

Human Resource Development Framework

In an effort to promote human resource development, we support our employees’ growth by providing training and educational opportunities according to their job grade, division, and skill, taking into account qualifications required for an employee of Morinaga & Co., Ltd.
Moreover, to ensure effective upgrading of employee skills, we adopted the Human Resource Development Program—a new framework for human resource development—in FY2019/3, and are expanding the scope of employees subject to the Program in sequence.
Aimed at clearly defining individual employees’ growth path and properly running a training PDCA cycle on site, the Program consists of three phases: assessment, development of a training plan based thereon, and implementation of the plan. In the assessment phase, the person subject to the training identifies his/her own strengths and weaknesses jointly with his/her supervisor according to the definition of capabilities required for all Morinaga employees regardless of the job type, and develop an annual OJT- and Off-JT-based training plan. In the implementation phase, an interview session is held every quarter to review the employee’s performance and confirm programs scheduled in the future. When these phases are completed, a training PDCA cycle is run.。

FY2020/3 training cost per employee (Morinaga & Co., Ltd.): Approx. 70,000 yen

Training PDCA Cycle

Morinaga’s Human Resource Development System

We view OJTs, Off-JTs, and self-development as the three pillars of our human resource development system. The system is aimed at supporting the growth of our employees based on the career path envisioned by each of them and helping them achieve self-actualization. In pursuit of the aim, the system provides varied training programs ranging from on-the-job trainings (OJTs) to job-rank-based and other off-the-job trainings (Off-JTs) to self-development training programs such as distance learning and e-learning programs.
We also actively support employees’ efforts to acquire qualifications, by providing official qualification acquisition incentives and offering a license acquisition course as part of the self-development training (distance learning).

Off-JT and Self-development Training of Morinaga & Co., Ltd.