For the smiles of our employees

In addition to respecting the diverse individuality of our employees and endeavoring to establish mechanisms and structuresthat enable employees to take on the challenge of creating new value with a sense of purpose and fulfillment,MORINAGA is undertaking to provide environments that are easy to work in so that employees are able to fully demonstrate their individual capabilities.

Creating an environment where it is easy to work

MORINAGA positions strengthening our human resources as a means for realizing the company’s vision and mission.In order to implement “measures responding to tumultuous environmental changes”, which is an issue for the entire company, we have established a human resources training system aimed at producing “strong individuals with the ability to grow under difficult circumstances” and are encouraging employees to develop into human resources capable of contributing to the organization.In promoting the strengthening of human resources, MORINAGA carries out trainingthat is integrated with our basic policies under our Mid-term Business Plan, and we are implementing strategic human resources training in conjunction with other policies and measures.

Scene from a training session

Promoting diversity

Initiatives promoting women’s social participation

MORINAGA’s initiatives promoting women’s social participation were launched in 2001 with the aim of “creating an organization in which women are able to demonstrate their abilities and play an active role.”Since then, we have been improving the work environment to enable female employees to continue working for longerthrough “balance support” centered on the expansion and enhancement of child-raising-related systems,and differences between male and female employees in terms of average age and number of employment years have disappeared.

Since 2009, we have been focusing our efforts on “activity support” aimed at “Nurturing female employeeswith the capability to be involved in management decision-making in a position of greater responsibility.”In 2012, a “Diversity Promotion Section” was established within the Human Resources and General Affairs Division,with proactive efforts being made to firstly nurture career perspective through various training courses and develop awareness as a supervisor,and then allocate these female human resources to workplaces where few women employees had conventionally been assigned.In recruiting new school and university graduates, men and women are now being recruited 50:50.In future, MORINAGA will continue to proactively recruit and assign skilled and motivated employees, regardless of their gender.

Promoting the Employment of People with Disabilities

At MORINAGA, the individuality of each employee is respected. Under our policy of providing a place where each employee can play an active rolein accordance with their personal qualities and skills, we have employees with disabilities demonstrating their capabilities and playing an active rolein a range of workplaces within the company, from administration and management departments to production departments.In future, we will continue to proactively create employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

※Actual number of recruits

FY2012 FY2013 FY2014 FY2015 FY2016
Number of recruits with disabilities (people) 46 49 43 46 52
Recruitment rate for people with disabilities (%) 1.9 2.1 1.9 2.0 2.3
  • As at the end of the relevant fiscal year

Reemployment System

MORINAGA has introduced a retiree reemployment system. Since April 2013, with the rise in the age of eligibility to receive partial pension benefits,as a general rule all retiring employees who wish to do so are reemployed for the period until they reach the age of eligibility for pension benefits.We have also introduced a senior ranking system and evaluation system in the expectation that employees will continue to demonstrate their expertiseeven after retirement age, encouraging motivation and the desire to take on challenges.

Initiatives regarding work-life balance

Beginning with childcare and nursing care leave systems available to both male and female employees,MORINAGA has established systems that provide time for childbirth, childcare, and nursing care by reducing work burden,creating a work environment in which employees can demonstrate their abilities and lay and active rolewith a desire for growth at various life stages. Moreover, for six consecutive periods since 2007,MORINAGA has been certified by the Japanese National Government as a “Company providing support to families raising children,”receiving a platinum Kurumin certification mark* in September 2017 (Action Plan Period: April 2015 – March 2017).

“Angel Return” system

Under this system, employees who have resigned due to marriage, work transfer of their spouse, childbirth or child-raising, or nursing a family member are able to be reemployed.

Work Health and Safety Initiatives

Based on the mindset that employees are “the wellspring for corporate vitality and the company’s most important management resources”,MORINAGA’s employees and managers come together as one, centered on the Health and safety Committee, to create a safe and comfortable work environment through such initiatives as workplace health and safety patrols, safe driving courses, and Working Hours Measures Employees-Management meetings.Furthermore, working in cooperation with the corporate health insurance association, we are strengthening measures to ensurethat all employees undergo regular health checkups and implement countermeasures for lifestyle diseases in accordance with health guidance.In addition, as mental health measures, we have are undertaking initiatives pouring effort into preventative measures,such as establishing external counselling offices and conducting employee training.MORINAGA’s lost time injury frequency rate was 6.40 for FY2014, 5.27 for FY2015, and 4.34 for 2016.

  • Lost time injury frequency rate: rate of occurrence of employees taking time off work due to work-related injury per million actual working hours.

Recognized as an Outstanding Health and Productivity Management Organization (“White 500”)

In 2018, MORINAGA was certified as an Outstanding Health and Productivity Management Organization 2018 in the “White 500” (large enterprise) category.This program awards enterprises that are practicing especially outstanding health management based on initiatives promoting better health.In future, we will continue our efforts to create and maintain a workplace environment that enables employees to actively and enthusiastically demonstratetheir capabilities to the maximum, as well as proactively support the maintenance and improvement of employees’ physical and mental health.Based on the company philosophy, we will also focus on expanding the health field.

Mechanisms for Generating Innovation

Every year MORINAGA carries out initiatives for utilizing the diversity of ideas produced by individual employees and generating innovation.

President’s Awards for Inventions and a Spirit of Challenge and Action

Under this system, the company President personally screens and awards employees (teams) who have brought tremendous tangible benefitsto the company through inventions, discoveries, or ideas, or who have demonstrated a spirit of challenge and action in attaining goalsthat would be impossible to achieve through ordinary efforts or thinking.

President’s Award recipients for FY2016