For customers’ smiles

Through “food”, MORINAGA aims to be a company that delivers products providing value and inspiration as well as services and information. We are therefore endeavoring to enhance our quality assurance system, which ensures the safety and reliability that forms the foundation for these capabilities, as well as to promote dialogue with our customers and improve products and services.

Product Quality Policies

1. Safe and Reliable Product Quality

In carrying our operations, we put customer safety first.
Giving top priority to earing even greater trust from customers, we disclose information as appropriate.

2. Satisfying Product Quality

In carrying our operations, we place top priority on having customers feel value and inspiration from our products.

Quality Policies

Safe and Reliable Product Quality
Food safety, food defense, compliance (with laws, corporate regulations), acquiring/maintaining customers’ trust, information disclosure, etc.
Satisfying Product Quality
Taste, aroma, texture, surprise, inspiration, fun plan/ease of handling, etc.

Quality Assurance System


We implement mechanisms for inspecting safety and compliance with laws (quality assessment 1), checking and confirming that quality is assured.

  1. ※1:Quality assessment
    Mechanisms for inspecting safety and compliance with laws regarding approx. 170 items, including design, labeling, best-before date, manufacturing conditions, and packaging type.

Ensuring the Safety of Ingredients

We have prescribed strict regulations for the ingredients used in our products, and purchase ingredients from manufacturers who can meet these requirements. We check information on the safety and security of raw materials with regard to not only compliance with the Food Sanitation Act but also food additives and allergenic substances. We also conduct necessary testing, confirming that ingredients are safe.

Quality Management in Factories

We are currently obtaining FSSC22000 international accreditation for food safety system for our manufacturing facilities(four MORINAGA factories, production-related companies).

[Accredited Factories]
(Current as of September 30, 2017)
Mishima Factory; Takasaki Morinaga Co., Ltd.; OyamaFactory; Chukyo Factory; Tsurumi Factory;
Morinaga Angel Dessert Co., Ltd. Frozen Foods Division

Mishima Factory

Safety/Security Measures

Food Defense

As part of our efforts to prevent foreign substances being intentionally inserted into foods, on communication, raising employee awareness so that they act in a manner that gives highest priority to customers’ safety and peace of mind.

On top of this, we are strengthening management of entry and exit from factories and manufacturing workplaces, implementing strict compliance with rules concerning the prevention of contamination (restrictions on bringing in personal belongings, management of pharmaceuticals), introducing camera monitoring systems, and otherwise making both soft and hard improvements in order to reduce risks.

Entering/exiting rooms using card authentication

Manufacturing Control Room


At each production stage (ingredients, manufacturing, storage, and delivery), thorough records are kept and management carried out to ensure "that we know the histories of the ingredients used in our products. "We also carry out regular drills to confirm that management is being carried out properly.

Storage/Transportation/In-store Management

We have prescribed standards and implement appropriate management to ensure that products are distributed under appropriate conditions from the time they are shipped from the factory until they are delivered into customers’ hands.

Correct, easy-to-understand labeling

In addition to being in compliance with laws such as the Food Labeling Act, labeling on packaging provides important information for customers when selecting products. We make adjustments to labeling to ensure health-related information such as allergy information, nutritional information, and best-before dates are easy to read and understand.

Food Allergy Countermeasures

In addition to providing easy to read and understand allergy information on packaging, we also provide an Allergy Information List on our website as part of our efforts to ensure that customers are able to select products with peace of mind. In future, Morinaga will continue to implement across-the-board quality control of specified ingredients or equivalent (27 items) as we endeavor to deliver safe and reliable products.

Efforts to provide customer satisfaction

Enhancing responses to customers

MORINAGA has established a “Customer Service Center” as a direct window for contact with customers, and we make earnest efforts to respond to customer inquiries sincerely, swiftly, and correctly via our toll-free telephone service, e-mail, or letter. Opinions and requests received from customers are shared within the entire company and utilized to further improve our products and services.

Furthermore, the MORINAGA website has a Q&A page, providing customers with support for swift problem resolution.

Communication with customers

Communication via fan sites

"MORINAGA values two-way communication with confectionary-loving customers "via notice boards and blogs, etc., on the “Angel PLUS” Internet fan site.

Rakujuen Park Environmental Improvement Activities (Mishima Factory)

As part of the “Garden City Mishima Promotion Project” being promoted by Mishima City, MORINAGA provided support for environmental improvement activities within RakujuenPark,

Street Patrols (Chukyo Factory)

MORINAGA joined in Aichi Prefecture traffic safety citizen’s activities and simultaneously carried out street patrols all over the Nishimikawaarea.

Summer evening festivals (Tsurumi Factory, Chukyo Factory)

These two factories, which are adjacent to residential areas, held summer evening festivals to promote community exchange.