For Children’s Smiles

Spanning over 100 years, MORINAGA’s history has been sustained by the smiles of our customers, especially children. With gratitude in our hearts, we therefore wish to continue to carry out activities that put even brighter smiles on the faces of our customers.

Basic principles of MORINAGA’s social contribution activities

“Aiming to nurture children’s healthy physical and mental development” through hands-on experiences

Collaboration with Social Group/Non-affiliate Companies/Organizations

As part of our efforts to address various social issues, MORINAGA works in collaboration with customersas well as social groups, government agencies, organizations, and other companies that share our values to provide donations and sponsor/jointly conduct programs/hold events.

One Chocolate for One Smile

This is a project that provides assistance in improving the educational environments for children in cacao-producing countries using chocolate sales.One yen per chocolate for the target products is donated during the designated months.Our partners in this support program, Action against Child Exploitation (ACE) and Plan International Japan,provide speakers for “In-house seminars” conducted at MORINAGA so that employees can learn about the status of local activities and the sustainability of cacao.These seminars bring together participants from various corporate divisions and provide forums for lively Q&A sessions and discussions.

これまでの支援金額累計(2008年~2018年2月14日) 約2億1,223万円

High School Initiative

In 2016, the Hokkaido Sapporo Kiyota High School Second Year Global Course introduced a unit examiningMORINAGA’s International Fair Trade-certified chocolate.
MORINAGA representatives presented lectures on the One Chocolate for One Smile project and participated in presentations made by students summarizinginformation and ideas on the spread of Fair Trade chocolate by providing advice.