Realization of a low-carbon society

By implementing carbon management measures such as promoting energy-saving and visualizing energy use, as well as reducing emissions of CO2, the main greenhouse gas, MORINAGA aims to realize a low-carbon society and is making efforts towards preventing global warming.

Initiatives to reduce CO2 emissions

By reducing energy loss through equipment maintenance and the installation of energy-saving-type equipment, MORINAGA’s factory divisions are endeavoring to promote energy-saving and making efforts to reduce emissions of CO2, which is the main greenhouse gas.

FY2017 performance

MORINAGA’s four factories and five production-related companies have achieved a reduction in CO2 emissions volume in FY2017 to 56,745 t-CO2 with an energy consumption rate per production unit of 0.48 t-CO2/t, which is a 19.9% reduction in emissions over the FY2005 amount. Moreover, this emissions volume was a 0.5% decrease over the FY 2016 amount, while the energy consumption rate per production unit was a 4.3% reduction over the FY 2016 rate.

  • *1Refers to the following five companies: Morinaga Snack Foods Co., Ltd.; Takasaki Morinaga Co.,Ltd.; Morinaga Kofu Foods Co., Ltd.; Morinaga Angel Dessert Co., Ltd.; and Morinaga Dessert Co., Ltd.
  • *22Refers to the total CO2 emissions from four MORINAGA factories 4 and five production-related companies for all types of energy usage. Data has been calculated from and compared with information provided in the “Guidelines for Monitoring GHG Release by Entities (Draft Ver. 1.4) (Ministry of the Environment).
  • *3“Energy consumption rate per production unit” refers to the CO2 emissions amount per production volume.

CO2 emissions ratio

MORINAGA is endeavoring to reduce emissions volumes by promoting understanding and visualization of our overall CO2 emissions performance record.
The CO2 emissions from the four MORINAGA factories and five production-related companies in FY2017 comprised 78% of MORINAGA’s total CO2 emissions.

Energy-saving initiatives

Aggregation and streamlining of air compressor

The Oyama factory updated highly-efficient air compressors to implement a centralized system. Also, by visualizing the consumption amount, the factory ensures proper operation management to save energy.

Oyama Factory: Aggregation and streamlining of air compressor

Main initiatives regarding distribution processes

From the perspective of making distribution more efficient and implementing environmental initiatives, MORINAGA has created a joint distribution system in collaboration with other companies in the confectionaries industry. Increases in loading rates due to shared transportation reduces the number of transport vehicles required, leading to reductions in air pollutant emissions. Even as a Specified Shipper under the revised Energy Saving Act, Morinaga is working to calculate and understand the amount of CO2 released during transportation, which was 12,904 t-CO2 in FY 2017.