Heisei/Reiwa Eras (1989–)

Launch of Ice Box
Establishment of Morinaga Angel Foundation
Launch of Solid DARS
Launch of in Jelly

Jelly Drink in a Squeeze Pouch Debuts!

In 1994, Morinaga launched in Jelly, a jelly drink in a squeeze pouch. Although today this drink packaging style has become thoroughly established, in Jelly was in fact the original jelly drink in a squeeze pouch, born from a completely new concept.

  • Morinaga celebrates its 100th Certification.
  • The First Little Angel Deserted Island Exploration event is held.
Domestic Morinaga factories obtain ISO 14001 Certification.

Domestic Morinaga factories obtain ISO 14001 Certification

In 1998, Morinaga’s Oyama Factory was the first factory in the Japanese confectionary industry to acquire ISO 14001 accreditation as a factory implementing environmental management that met international standards as a leader in the industry. Furthermore, all four Morinaga factories acquired ISO 14001 accreditation in 2000.

Launch of Carré-de-Chocolat

Birth of BAKE Baked Chocolate

BAKE baked chocolate was born through Morinaga’s independently developed technology. Baking the chocolate produces a unique food texture and rich chocolate experience. This product established a new market as chocolate that does not melt, even in summer. Multiple patents have been obtained for this chocolate baking technology.

HI-CHEW production and sales are launched in China.
Morinaga establishes a business alliance with Barry Callebaut.
Launch of Nama-Ramune
Launch of Morinaga Chocolate’s “1 Chocolate for 1 Smile” campaign

Launch of Chocolate Made from Cacao Harvested in Aid Regions

As a first-time experiment for the confectionary industry, Morinaga launched Morinaga Chocolate’s <1 Chocolate for 1 Smile> and DARS Milk Chocolate produced from part of the cacao ingredients harvested from designated regions in Ghana, where Morinaga is providing aid. This campaign has realized a cycle of support whereby Morinaga creates smiles together with its customers.

Launch of Vanilla Monaka Jumbo
Morinaga independently develops Passienol ™, a health ingredient derived from passionfruit seeds.
Launch of Macrobiotic Biscuits (Available in Convenience Stores Only)

Launch of Macrobiotic Biscuits (Available in Convenience Stores Only)

Macrobiotic biscuits are very popular with people concerned about health and beauty, and so based on macrobiotics, Morinaga developed macrobiotic biscuits with macrobiotic ingredients. The product does not contain any refined sugar, butter, or margarine for customers who are especially particular about their diets.

Opening of a Limited-time Shop Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Hi-Crown Chocolate

Opening of a Limited-time Shop Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Hi-Crown Chocolate

Commemorating the 50th anniversary of Morinaga Hi-Crown Chocolate (hereinafter referred to as “Hi-Crown”), which was launched in 1964, Morinaga opened a limited-time concept shop embodying Morinaga’s particularity regarding chocolate. Focusing on Hi-Crown, which was the root for Morinaga’s presentation and provision of chocolates that led each age and developed through innovation and the accumulated effort of employees since the company’s foundation, Morinaga created a product that reflects the passion of the company.

Easter initiatives

Easter initiatives

Morinaga develops a range of Easter-themed products to enliven Easter, a new springtime event in Japan.

Launch of the Okashiprint Service

Launch of the Okashiprint Service

Morinaga created an online service, Okashiprint, allowing customers to purchase confectionaries in original packages using photographs taken on smartphones (or digital cameras) or images processed using smartphone apps.

Halal HI-CHEW is launched (sales limited to overseas).
New corporate philosophy is formulated.
Announcement of 2030 Business Plan and 2030 Vision.
  • Morinaga Angel Museum “MORIUM” opened (for tours) .
  • New R&D Center begins operations.