Analyst Coverage

(company names listed in Japanese alphabetical order)

Name of company Name of analyst
UBS Securities Japan Co., Ltd. Mr. Rei Ihara
SMBC Nikko Securities Inc. Mr. Tsukasa Furuta
Tokai Tokyo Research Institute Co., Ltd. Mr. Kenji Araki
Nomura Securities Co., Ltd. Mr. Shinichiro Fumiyama
  • *The purpose of this list is to provide information to investors about the analysists who analyze our company’s performance and formulate projections, as well as the organizations with which they are affiliated. It is not intended to solicit nor recommend buying or selling of our company’s shares.
  • *Analysists analyze our company’s performance, business activities, products, and technology and then make performance predictions based on their own independent judgement. Our company has absolutely no involvement in any of these processes.
  • *Our company neither endorses nor guarantees these analysts’ projections, opinions, or recommendations.
  • *When making actual investments, please make investment decisions responsibly based on your own judgment. Please read our Disclosure Policy with regard to use of this website.

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