Morinaga’s Concept of “Health of Mind”

The Morinaga Group has considered what it can contribute to “health of mind” through its business and has defined the state it is aiming for with six building blocks known as “Kokoroku.”

Morinaga’s six building blocks for health of mind “Kokoroku”

Morinaga’s six building blocks for health of mind “Kokoroku”

What is positive psychology?

What is positive psychology? Negative emotions are also beneficial.

Negative emotions are also beneficial; for example “anxiety” and “fear” serve to protect oneself from danger and “dissatisfaction” leads to “improvement.” But, too much negative emotions can lead to mental illness, so it is vital to reduce and deal with these emotions. That said, just as flowers do not bloom naturally regardless of how many weeds are pulled, reducing negative emotions alone would not lead to make people thrive and flourish. To achieve “health of mind,” it is essential to not just to deal with negative emotions, but also to foster and cultivate positive emotions and well-being, such as focusing on what is right and looking toward the future.

(Commentary by Dr.Shinichiro Matsuguma, Representative, SSBE/Councilor, Japan Positive Health Psychology Society)

The Morinaga Group aims to contribute to the “health of mind” of its customers by having all employees reconsider their activities from the perspective of “Kokoroku”.
Furthermore, by deepening employees’ understanding and awareness of “Kokoroku”, we will promote our transformation into a wellness company by encouraging employees to achieve their own “health of mind” and act daily in a self-directed manner.

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