Message for Our Investors

Here we provide easy-to-understand information to facilitate a deeper understanding of Morinaga & Co., Ltd.

Corporate Principles

Morinaga & Co., Ltd., was founded by Taichiro Morinaga in 1899 whose dream was to deliver nutritious, delicious Western confectioneries to the people of Japan; ever since then, we have carried out his dream with a pioneering spirit.

Introduction of Business Activities

The Morinaga Group aims to be a business that delivers value and inspires customers through our three business segments of Confectionary & Foodstuffs, Frozen Desserts, and Health. In addition, the group includes 14 companies within Japan and 7 companies overseas that are involved in the manufacture and sale of confectionaries and frozen desserts.

  • Confectionary

  • Frozen Desserts

  • Health

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Medium-Term Business Plan

The Morinaga Group has formulated a three-year mediumterm business plan that commenced in FY 2018.
2018 Medium-Term Business Plan established solidify business foundation, accelerate growth strategy as our basic policies;
with the Group aiming to strengthen the existing domains of domestic Confectionery & Foodstuffs/Frozen Desserts while expanding the Wellness and Global domains, leading to further growth.

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