About the usage of personal information

Morinaga Co., Ltd. (henceforth be referred to as “Morinaga” below) hereby informs you of our policies regarding the collection, use and disclosure of personal information acquired and preserved from our customers, based on the Personal Information Protection Law.

Privacy policy of morinaga.co.jp

1. Regarding the usage of personal information

Morinaga will collect and keep the personal information mentioned below.
Your personal information will only be used for the purposes mentioned below, and your additional consent is required for usage outside of the items listed below.

1. Types of personal information collected

  • - Personal information acquired from e-commerce transactions
  • - Personal information acquired from promotional activities or surveys of purchasing behaviors
  • - Personal information received from our official websites
  • - Personal information received from users of our golf course(s)
  • - Personal information required from inquiry forms or other Q&A processes
  • - Personal information acquired through transactions or business contracts
  • - Personal information received via recruiting procedures

2. Purposes of personal information usage

  • - Delivering merchandise or documents from our e-commerce businesses, or notifications of new items, publications or services
  • - Delivering giveaways or presents from consumer promotional activities
  • - Invitation of surveys for product development, marketing strategy or other consumer-related research
  • - Sending information about promotional activities or new merchandise via e-mail
  • - Recognizing members on websites where membership is a requirement
  • - Sending discount information or membership newsletters from our golf course(s)
  • - Responding to inquiries, questions or other forms which requires personal information input
  • - Sending invitations, notifications or other documents to transaction partner representatives
  • - Sending notifications or results of recruiting activities
  • - All other purposes, with previous consent from the owner of personal information

2. Management and protection of personal information

Morinaga implements “Guidelines of Personal Information Protection”, “Rules of the Usage of Personal information”, “Instructions of the Usage of Personal Information” and other rules to cope with the Personal Information Protection Law and all related codes and acts.
We actively train and inspire our staff in order to raise awareness of the importance of personal information protection.
Morinaga has assigned staff responsible for managing your personal information, and to avoid the leakage of personal information acquired.
We install monitoring and defender systems to prevent any illegal invasion to our system.
Periodical maintenance and other reasonable security procedures are taken to ensure the safety of our system.
We will always continue to modify and improve our organization and strategy towards protection of personal information.

3. Personal information management related to third parties

Third parties may be involved in promotion activities of Morinaga, and chances are that these parties will take over the responsibility of personal information management and usage, fully or partially. Morinaga will make every effort to ensure that the third parties involved in such activities can manage and protecting your personal information with care and will draft the clause of personal information protection into the contracts signed with such partners.
We also require our third party partners to conduct certain procedures to prevent personal information from leakage or unlawful usage.

4. Providing personal information to external parties

Except for the previously mentioned purposes, Morinaga will never reveal or provide your personal information to other third parties without your consent. However, based on the reasons below, Morinaga owns the right to reveal or provide your personal information without your prior agreement:

  • (1) When requested by law,
  • (2) On occasions where prior agreement is hard to reach and lives, health or properties of others are in imminent danger,
  • (3) Under legal request of local or central authorities, when getting consent from you may significantly impact the execution of critical issues,
  • (4) When your inquiry is considered proper to be dealt with by other related parties or shops that represent Morinaga.

5. Procedures of requests related to personal information

All requests from you or your representatives regarding the revealing, changing, or terminating the usage of your personal information will be dealt by us in a reasonable timeframe and necessary range.

1. Items permitted to be revealed

Items below can be revealed under proper request:
(1) Name, (2) Address, (3) Phone number, (4) e-mail address, (5) Gender, (6) Date of birth, (7) Purpose of usage

2. Request submission

Please complete the proper application form and mail it to the address below with the words “Application for revealing personal information enclosed” marked in red on the envelope.

Personal Information Management Group, Morinaga Co., Ltd.
5-33-1, Shiba, Minato-Ku, Tokyo 108-8403 Japan

3. Application forms for requests

When submitting a request, please fully complete form A (application), prepare documents or papers listed in B (proof of identity of yourself or your representative) and send it together inside one envelope to the previously mentioned address.

A. Application forms
B. Documents for proof of personal identity

[When the application is submitted by the person in question]

  •  - A copy of your drivers’ license, health insurance card or other papers issued by a public entity

[When the application is submitted by a representative on your behalf]

  •  - A copy of your drivers’ license, health insurance card or other papers issued by public entity
  •  - A copy of your representative’s drivers’ license, health insurance card or other papers issued by public entity
  •  - A letter of attorney from you to the representative
  •  - A seal certification of your seal used for the letter of attorney

[When the application is submitted by a minor, or the legal representative of an adult ward]

  •  - A copy of your drivers’ license, health insurance card or other papers issued by public entity
  •  - A copy of your legal representative’s drivers’ license, health insurance card or other papers issued by public entity
  •  - A copy of the authenticated proof of the identity of legal representative

4. Expenses for requesting

It is required that individuals requesting to notify the usage or to reveal the personal information pay the fees of returning mail with the standard below.
Please include an empty envelope with 800-yen stamp attached together with the application form and necessary documents and send it to the address mentioned. Your application will be handled, and the response from us will be sent to you via the empty envelope enclosed.
We will inform you if you did not attach the stamps with your empty envelope. If we do not receive the stamps, your application will be discarded.

5. Responses to the requests

We will send our response to your application by letter to the address stated in the application form and on submitted the legal documents. Please note that we might not be able to send a response to you if the address on your legal papers and your application form do not match.

6. Personal information acquired via the above request processes

Personal information acquired via the above-mentioned request process will only be used for this specific purpose.
The copy of your, as well as all other involving parties’ legal documents, will be discarded with extra care after your request has been properly handled.

6. For inquiries related to personal information

If you have any questions or inquiries related to above personal information policies, you may either send an e-mail to our customer service center or a letter to Personal Information Management Group mentioned previously.

7. Regarding the modification of this policy

This policy is modified as shown below, and the modified clauses will be taken into effect on April 1, 2020.

New Old
Last line of “2. Purposes of using personal information”
- All other purposes, with previous consent from the owner of personal information