inBrand Protein <Crispy Chocolate Puff>

Easily boost your protein intake throughout the day

Product Information
1 portion (8 pieces) contains 3g of protein
A simply delicious snack that celebrates the harmony of crispy rice puffs and chocolate
Also available in bulk (contains 10 portions)
A beverage for…
Perfect for snacking throughout the day

inBrand Cough Drops <Apple flavor>

A Food with Functional Claims that makes it easy to up your intake of LC-Plasma

Long-lasting, delicious apple flavor drops full of fiber
Contains 80% less sugar than comparable products on the market in 2020. Safe to take regularly
This product contains L. lactis strain Plasma (LC-Plasma). LC-Plasma is said to help maintain a healthy immune system
Incorporate in a balanced diet for optimal results
This product has not yet been approved by the Japanese government
This product is not intended for the diagnosis, treatment or prevention of diseases. A well-balanced diet, regular exercise and good sleep are the basics!
A beverage for…
Take when you have a dry or sore throat

inTablet Salt Plus

Boost your salt intake. Anywhere, anytime.

Easy-to-take salt tablets
Infused with lemon flavor for a refreshing taste
Contains vitamin C, vitamin B-complex, citric acid and dextrose
Individually packed
A beverage for…
Take when spending time outdoors, working out, or sweating on a hot day.

in Drink Protein PET <Peach flavor>

Protein supplement
Wherever, whenever

Product Information
A tasty, easy-to-drink high protein beverage with less fat
10 grams of protein in one pack
Includes citric acid, which supports post-workout recovery
A refreshing and delicious peach flavor
A beverage for…
Daily protein supplement for workers, regular trainer, or elderly people
Proper for diet plans or nutrition supplementation before or after exercise