Environmental Initiatives

As part of our efforts to prevent global warming, Morinaga is undertaking environmentally considerate initiatives in a range of business areas in order to realize a low-carbon society and recycling-orientated society that enables sustainable growth so that we can contribute to the construction of a society geared towards peaceful coexistence with the ecosystem through the preservation of biodiversity.

Environmental Management

ISO14001 Accreditation Status

In July 1998, Morinaga’s Oyama Factory was the first company in Japan’s confectionary industry to achieve ISO 14001 accreditation (international certification for environment management). Furthermore, all factories and manufacturing-related group companies are gradually acquiring ISO 14001 accreditation or renewing their registration for appropriate management.

Main Initiatives

Reducing Environmental Load in All Product-related Processes

Based on the Morinaga Group’s environmental policies, we carry out product manufacturing from the following perspectives: simplify packaging, increase the utilization rate for recyclable materials such as cardboard, make recycling easier, and when disposing of waste, be gentle to the environment. One environmental initiative has been to add perforations for easy opening to individual boxes. This makes it easy to fold up the boxes after use, which in turn makes it easier to reduce waste volume. Moreover, the universal design includes an illustration so that consumers will know how to fold up the box at a glance.

Reducing Greenhouse Gasses (Including CO2) Emission Volume

Morinaga promotes Cool Business, No Overtime, and other energy-saving practices in not only our factories but our Head Office and other offices, as well as implementing carbon management, such as visualization of energy use, as part of our initiatives to reduce greenhouse gasses (including CO2) and prevent global warming.

Promotion of Resource-saving, Waste Reduction, and Recycling

In addition to endeavoring to reduce the amount of waste generated by all Morinaga Group factories, we separate waste properly and recycle by using any food waste that is generated mainly as animal feed or fertilizer. We also promote recycling by pursuing methanation and other recycling measures.

Management of Environmental Pollutants and Promoting Their Reduction

To curb the generation of air pollutants, we switched boiler fuel at all Morinaga Group factories to utility gas and now promote the reduction of NOx, CO2, and other substances that burden the environment. With factory grounds, we also strictly enforce a policy of turning off vehicle engines when the vehicles are stopped.

Promoting Activities to Raise Environmental Awareness, Protect Biodiversity, and Contribute to Society

At Morinaga, we are endeavoring to raise all employees’ environmental awareness through environmental education, as well as undertake activities to protect biodiversity and contribute to society.

Information on the Morinaga Group’s environmental initiatives
is disclosed in our CSR Report.