Message from the President

“Delicious, Fun, and Healthy”

Our aim is to deliver value and inspiration through food.

As a company, our goal is to deliver value and inspiration to our consumers through food. ​Morinaga’s dream since its inception has been to be a company that improves the lives of children worldwide.​

Morinaga & Co., Ltd., was founded by Taichiro Morinaga in 1899 whose dream was to deliver nutritious, delicious Western confectioneries to the people of Japan; ever since then, we have carried out his dream with a pioneering spirit. Today, centered on the five pillars of business—Confectionaries, Food, Frozen Confectionaries, Health, and Overseas—we are expanding our business into the field of health in concord with the declining birthrate and aging of society in Japan, and expanding overseas, which is a growth field. In addition, we are endeavoring to open up new markets and develop new business fields that exceed conventional frameworks.

In addition to fulfilling our corporate responsibilities to improve R&D and product quality, ensure customer safety and well-being, be environmentally friendly, and contribute to society, our mission is to inspire customers and provide new value through Morinaga products and services.

In accordance with the heartfelt desire to make children smile in every corner of the globe, Morinaga will continue to accept challenges as it strives to realize the dream of becoming a company that can benefit the children of the world.