Introduction of Business Fields


As the core of our business activities, our Confectionaries/Food business centers on core long-selling products—Milk Caramel, Morinaga Biscuits, Chocoball chocolate, DARS chocolate, HI-CHEW candy, Morinaga Cocoa, and Hotcake Mix, and we are constantly creating new delicious tastes and food scenarios. At the same time, we are also creating new taste experiences, such as Morinaga’s independently developed baked technology, as well as developing products that incorporate the health aspects, such as high-cacao chocolate that combines delicious taste and health functions and amazake (sweet drink made from fermented rice), which is currently being studied for its nutritional and beauty benefits. In this way, we create products in response to changing lifestyles and disseminating information. Building innovation into traditions spanning more than 100 years since the company’s establishment, Morinaga is pouring energy into efforts to spread happiness and broaden the circles of communication, in addition to contributing to people’s healthy and abundant everyday lives.

Frozen Desserts

Our frozen dessert business includes numerous core products true to the Morinaga spirit, including the international best-selling Choco Monaka Jumbo and Ice Box which was created based on independently developed technology. We also develop new products using our strengths precisely because of our confectionary manufacturing technology while providing customers with value and inspiration through each of our products.

Health Products

Morinaga has positioned health products as one of our fields of growth, and we endeavor to create new products and value through this business field. In our health products business, we are developing the Weider brand based on sports science body development theories and the Healthy Angel brand as a mail-order business of dietary supplements that support health maintenance and beauty. We also research functional ingredients for lifestyle disease prevention and anti-aging products.


Weider is based on the theories of correct body-development and started in 1983 as a business collaboration between Morinaga and American-based Weider Health and Fitness, which is a leader in the sports science field. We support the physical and mental capabilities of athletes through training, nutritional guidance, and supplements, as well as the expertise we acquired through these efforts and provided to all people whose everyday lives are vulnerable to irregularity and stress. Morinaga also operates the Weider Training Lab, which provides nutritional and training support for athletes.

Healthy Angel Mail Order Business

Healthy Angel is a mail-order brand that develops and sells original dietary supplements for the daily support of a broad range of generations for healthy everyday lives against the background of an aging and stress-filled society. By constantly maintaining strict product quality management and safety, we provide dietary supplements that are convenient and that taste good—thanks to our confectionary and food technology—directly to each customer through our mail-order service.

Overseas Business Activities

In order to convey Morinaga’s basic corporate philosophy of “Delicious, Fun, and Healthy” to customers throughout the world, we are expanding overseas under the Japanese brand Morinaga and provide excellent product quality and reliable, delicious taste experiences through product exports, and technology cooperation. Furthermore, we have established sales and manufacturing bases in the United States, Indonesia, China, and Taiwan as part of the Morinaga Group while endeavoring to secure new markets for our products centered on HI-CHEW and broadening and enhancing our sales network as we expand into overseas markets.

  • Indonesia: HI-CHEW
    (Halal product)
  • Indonesia: CHEW2-BALL
  • Taiwan: Milk Caramel
  • China: HI-CHEW
  • Export Product: DARS

Group Network

Creating New Business Fields

In addition to expanding existing businesses, Morinaga is also working to generate budding new business fields aimed towards the future.