New with more chocolate!
Don’t miss the classic peanut Chocoball with the crispy crust and chocolate coating! Enjoy the delectable combination of chocolate and peanuts!


New with more chocolate!
Enjoy the texture of strawberry seeds!


New with more chocolate!
The perfect pairing of mellow caramel and chocolate!
The deep, rich flavor of caramel is just right!

Kyoro Gacha Chocoball (Colorful Mint)

Crunchy biscuits are coated in white chocolate and mixed with colorful mints to create playful and cute chocolate balls!


Kyoro-chan, adorns every package of CHOCOBALL with his signature large beak. Children and adults alike love this popular character who has been the mascot for CHOCOBALL since 1967 and has appeared in commercials, promotional materials and his own cartoon series.

Cans of toys

Collect the angels printed on the lift-up yellow tab on the Chocoball box and receive a gift of a can of toys!
*Cans of toys are shipped overseas freight free.

  • Peanut
  • Strawberry
  • Caramel

Collect one gold angel or five silver angels to receive a can of toys.


Let’s look over the history of Chocoballs with future Kyoro-chan!

Link to Japanese website.