• Yubari melon flavor

    Yubari Melon is a superb pulp-rich melon born in Hokkaido’s fine weather and rich natural surroundings.


  • Tohoku apple

    Enjoy the fine balance of the fresh sweet taste of red apples using Tohoku apple fruit juice!

  • Sakuranbo (cherry) flavor

    Not only sweet, the unique fresh taste of cherries has appeared in Hi-Chews!
    Enjoy the cherry juice taste that expands in the mouth with every bite!


  • Shinshu apple

    Using Shinshu region apple fruit juice!

Tokyo Area・

  • Hi-Chew Mt. Fuji Assorted Pack /
    Yamanashi Peach Flavor and
    Shizuoka Crown Melon Flavor

    Infused with juice from Yamanashi Prefecture peaches and Shizuoka Prefecture Crown Melons, this limited edition Hi-Chew assorted pack brings forth the taste of famous Mt. Fuji fruits.


  • Seto Inland flavor

    Using the fruit juice with a sensation that continues: Seto Inland lemon!
    The new kid on the block in Omiyage Hi-Chew.


  • Amaou strawberry

    Using the fruit juice of Fukuoka Amaou strawberries, you’re bound to enjoy the great sweet taste!

  • Amaou strawberry

    A Hi-Chew made using juice from Fukuoka’s famous Amaou strawberries. Check out the new package featuring eight shareable bags inside!

  • Decopon orange flavor

    Using the fruit juice of Kyushu decopon oranges, you can enjoy a sweet,
    fresh mellow flavor!


  • Pineapple

    Using Okinawan pineapple juice,
    enjoy the sweet and tart taste!
    Be sure you give it a try!

  • Shikuwasa
    (Okinawan flat lemon) flavor

    Using Okinawan shikuwasa fruit juice,
    enjoy the freshness and acidity!

  • Mango Flavor

    Using Okinawan mango fruit juice,
    enjoy the rich and sweet flavor!
    If you go to Okinawa, look for me okay?


  • Only available in Hawaii Hi-Chew
    <Banana taste>
    <Lilikoi (Passion Fruit) Flavor>

    Pineapple, a favorite of Hawaii, and lilikoi passion fruit, a must-try for Hawaii fans,
    have just become Hi-Chews!

    ABC STORES※Only sold at ABC Stores in Hawaii