Japanese Watermelon Flavor

Enjoy the luxurious aroma and delicate taste of this sumptuous Hi-Chew, which uses natural fruit juice from specially selected watermelons from across Japan.

Green Apple

This popular flavor is loved for its crisp, fruity aroma and taste created from the juice of the whole apple.


This familiar flavor is the most popular thanks to the high-quality grapes used which lend a richness in aroma and taste to the candy.


Featuring real strawberry juice and fruit pieces, this gummy has a rich red color and flavor to match.

Suppai Chew

Tasty sourness that satisfies the taste buds!
A flavor that wins fans one after another.
Boosted with vitamin C and citric acid!

Fruit Orchard Assorted Pack

This assorted selection of Hi-Chew brings you delicious flavors straight from select fruit orchards around Japan.
Flavors include: Shizuoka Crown Melon, Okayama “Hakuho” Peaches, “Kanjuku-ou” Bananas, and Kagoshima Yuzu Pomelo.

HiChew Assorted Fruit Flavors

This assorted HiChew pack includes selected grape, green apple and strawberry flavors along with the season-limited Muscat of Alexandria grape flavor.

Hi-Chew Premium

The chewy texture taken to another level has a premium, luxurious taste fit for adults!
Enjoy the chewiness as the flavor spreads with every bite.

Cabernet red grape flavor

Grape juice using 98% Italian Cabernet Sauvignon.

Shizuoka Crown Melon

Made using Crown Melons sourced from Shizuoka.

Yogurt flavor mixed with Hokkaido whipping cream

Using fresh cream from Hokkaido, a flavor with a good balance between refreshing sourness and mellow richness.

Hi-Chew mini

The smallest HiChew you can find, the HiChew Mini is just a third of the original size!

An assorted pack with four popular flavors including grape, peach, lemon and soda. Smaller in size, still authentic in taste! The perfect snack for a quick break.

TV Commercial

A new TV commercial expressing the overflowing juiciness of HiChews.
Filmed at a virtual school named "HiChew High School"!

Watch the "passionate" history and mathematics lessons taught in the eyecatching, colorfully designed classroom.

Follow the exciting Q&As between the instructors and students.

Also, don’t miss out on the humorous jokes made by Murakami-san, the school principal.


How about as a souvenir?

Omiyage (Souvenir) Hi-Chew

Did you know that there were Omiyage (Souvenir) Hi-Chew versions from different regions?