Green Apple Flavor

A fresh and popular flavor loved by those of all ages!
The apple puree used in this Hi-Chew gives it a delicious, juicy taste.

Grape Flavor

The top ranking flavor of the Hi-Chew family.
The grape flavor is further enhanced by a grape puree, giving it a delicious, juicy taste and texture.

Strawberry Flavor

Taste the natural sweetness of crushed strawberries in this Hi-Chew.
Strawberry puree makes this Hi-Chew further even more delicious and juicy.

Suppai Chew

Tasty sourness that satisfies the taste buds!
A flavor that wins fans one after another.
Boosted with vitamin C and citric acid!

Hi-Chewlicious (Strawberry flavor)

An explosion of sweet and sour strawberry flavor with every bite.

Yummy Bubbly Hi-Chew

Enjoy the refreshing, bubbly texture and taste of soda in this pack of soda-flavored Hi-Chew gummies. Included: "Sodalicious" and "Cool Cola" flavors.

Hi-Chew Assort

Three most popular flavors are included in this assort pack: Grape, Strawberry and Green Apple. Smaller packs make it easier to share the sweetness with family and friends!

An assortment of 3 soda-flavored Hi-Chew

An assortment of cola, ramune and melon soda-flavored Hi-Chew. Enjoy their refreshing and bubbly taste with every bite!

Hi-Chew Premium

The chewy texture taken to another level has a premium, luxurious taste fit for adults!
Enjoy the chewiness as the flavor spreads with every bite.

Premium Hi-Chew (Red Grape)

Enjoy the sweet (and addictive!) taste of red grapes in this premium Hi-Chew.

Premium Hi-Chew (Amaou Strawberry)

Enjoy the luxurious taste of Amaou strawberries in this chewy premium Hi-Chew.

Hi-Chew mini

One-third the size of original Hi-Chew,

this “Hi-Chew mini” is the smallest Hi-Chew in Japan with a crunchy texture! Please enjoy a pleasant and relaxed snack time with our special Hi-Chew treats of grape, orange, soda and coke flavors within the assort pack.

TV Commercial

How about as a souvenir?

Souvenir Hi-Chew

Did you know that there were Souvenir Hi-Chew versions from different regions?