• HI-CHEW <Grape>

    HI-CHEW <Grape>

    The top ranking flavor of the HI-CHEW family.
    A sweet and sour taste that will delight your taste buds with every bite!

  • HI-CHEW <Strawberry>

    HI-CHEW <Strawberry>

    Sweet and juicy flavor that is loved by everyone!
    A rich and creamy taste of strawberry that will satisfy your taste buds.

    <Sour Watermelon>

    A limited-time product faithfully reproducing the popular flavor from the UK! Enjoy the unique sour watermelon flavor and delightful texture!

  • Suppai Chew
    <Lemon flavor>

    Sweet and sour taste, along with a super crunchy texture. Many people are addicted to this irresistible flavor! Available only in salted lemon flavor now!

  • HI-CHEWlicious <Green Apple flavor>

    <Green Apple flavor>

    Feel refreshed with a taste explosion from the deliciousness and juiciness of green apples!

  • HI-CHEW Assort

    HI-CHEW Assort

    Three most popular flavors are included in this assort pack: Grape, Strawberry and Green Apple.
    Smaller packs make it easier to share the sweetness with family and friends!

  • Puni-Shari HI-CHEW Assortment

    HI-CHEW Assortment

    Enjoy both textures at the same time with this quality HI-CHEW that combines the Puni (soft and squishy) texture of gummy candies with the Shari (crispy and crunchy) HI-CHEW texture.The assortment comes in three refreshing flavors: Peach Soda, Soda, and Orange Soda.

HI-CHEW Premium

The chewy texture taken to another level has a premium,
luxurious taste fit for adults!
Enjoy the chewiness as the flavor spreads with every bite.

  • HI-CHEW Premium <Red Grape>

    HI-CHEW Premium <Red Grape>

    Enjoy the sweet (and addictive!) taste of red grapes in this premium HI-CHEW.

  • HI-CHEW Premium <Shine Muscat>

    HI-CHEW Premium <Shine Muscat>

    The juicy flavor and sticky texture is just so addictive! This premium HI-CHEW has the elegant aroma and refreshing sweetness of the Shine Muscat fruit.

  • HI-CHEW Premium <Yogurt>

    HI-CHEW Premium <Yogurt>

    The juicy taste and sticky texture are just so addictive! This premium HI-CHEW is made with freshly creamed yogurt for a creamy and refreshing taste.

HI-CHEW mini

  • HI-CHEW Mini HI-CHEW Mini

    HI-CHEW Mini

    This “HI-CHEW Mini” is the smallest HI-CHEW in Japan with only 1/3 of the original size!
    Enjoy a relaxed snack time with our special HI-CHEW treats of grape, strawberry, melon and soda flavors within the assort pack.Included with Vitamin C and Calcium.

  • HI-CHEW Mini

    HI-CHEW Mini

    Mini-sized HI-CHEWs in four fizzy soda flavors: soda, melon soda, cola, and grape soda♪


Did you know that there were Souvenir HI-CHEW versions from different regions?