Golden Peach Flavor

Using puree made from golden peaches, this HiChew is laden with peach pulp and offers a sweet rich taste.

Green Apple

A refreshing taste popular with kids and adult alike!
Enjoy the enhanced juicy flavor with fruit purée!


Filled with the rich taste and aroma of grape, this is our most popular flavor! Enjoy the enhanced juicy flavor with fruit purée!


Made with piece of strawberry, enjoy this delicious treat! Enjoy the enhanced juicy flavor with fruit purée!

Suppai Chew

Tasty sourness that satisfies the taste buds!
A flavor that wins fans one after another.
Boosted with vitamin C and citric acid!

Hi-Chew Assort

The mouthwateringly delicious limited edition melon flavor is joining classic grape, green apple and strawberry flavors in the popular Hi-Chew Assort pack! Fruit puree added.

Fruit World Hi-Chew Assort

We have gathered fruit from all over the world and included them in this assorted pack!
Flavors include apples from Japan, blueberries from America, Muscat grapes from Australia and kiwis from New Zealand.

Choco Ball-like Hi-Chew
(Caramel and Strawberry Flavors)

Enjoy the flavor of Choco Ball brand caramel and strawberry in the form of Hi-Chew!

Hi-Chew Premium

The chewy texture taken to another level has a premium, luxurious taste fit for adults!
Enjoy the chewiness as the flavor spreads with every bite.

Cabernet red grape flavor

Grape juice using 98% Italian Cabernet Sauvignon.

2-Melon Flavor

Made with fresh juice from Hokkaido-sourced Furano Melon and Andes Melon, this deliciously sweet Hi-Chew delivers the taste and scent of fresh melon with each bite.

Yogurt flavor mixed with Hokkaido whipping cream

Using fresh cream from Hokkaido, a flavor with a good balance between refreshing sourness and mellow richness.

Hi-Chew mini

The smallest HiChew you can find, the HiChew Mini is just a third of the original size!

An assorted pack with four popular flavors including grape, peach, lemon and soda. Smaller in size, still authentic in taste! The perfect snack for a quick break.

TV Commercial

How about as a souvenir?

Souvenir Hi-Chew

Did you know that there were Souvenir Hi-Chew versions from different regions?