DARS Milk Chocolate

Rich-tasting milk chocolate with a mellow caramel flavor.

DARS Bitter Chocolate

Authentic bitter chocolate that offers a gorgeous cacao aroma and a refreshing aftertaste.

DARS White Chocolate

White chocolate characterized by its rich and creamy milky feeling, as well as a clear aftertaste.

DARS Ganache

This DARS contains a molten ganache filling made with fresh cream. The balance of milk and cacao is perfect in this limited edition Winter DARS.

DARS Pistachio

Pistachios, known as the queen of nuts, have a beautiful yellow-green color that has seen pistachio nuts being likened to jewels. Enjoy this combination of the elegant, full-bodied flavor of roasted pistachios with DARS rich milk chocolate.

DARS Macadamia Nuts & Langue de Chat

Macadamia nuts, known as the king of nuts, have a distinct texture and rich flavor. Enjoy the texture of crushed Macadamia nuts and fragrant langue de chat combined with the mellow flavor of white chocolate.

TV Commercial

A Day in the Life of DARS

When something that’s kind of nice happens to someone,
Masaki Suda appears with a DARS in hand and sings:
Does he like celebrating other people’s happiness, or does he just like DARS?
And why Masaki Suda?
Could it be a pun: Suda … reverse the syllables, and you get DARS?



What day is December 12?
It’s Kanji Day, Mentaiko Day, Battery Day…and DARS Day!
So DARS Day will have the same cachet as these other three celebrations, we asked Mr. Suda to do a commercial for DARS Day.
When you see it, it will definitely stay in your mind.
…But don’t forget:
12/12 is Kanji Day, Mentaiko Day, Battery Day…
and above all, DARS Day!