DARS Milk Chocolate

Rich-tasting milk chocolate with a mellow caramel flavor.

DARS Bitter Chocolate

Authentic bitter chocolate that offers a gorgeous cacao aroma and a refreshing aftertaste.

DARS White Chocolate

White chocolate characterized by its rich and creamy milky feeling, as well as a clear aftertaste.

DARS <Cacao 70%>

This decadent chocolate has 70% cacao, which gives it a sensually aromatic and rich flavor.
Enjoy the melt-in-your-mouth delight that is DARS chocolate.

Cacao Polyphenol: 80mg/pc, 940mg/box (based on Morinaga inhouse analysis)

DARS Gianduja Flavor

A luxury, limited-edition offering that blends the aroma and mellow taste of hazelnuts and almonds with the richness of milk chocolate for an overall smooth and elegant flavor.

DARS Premium Chocolate

The original DARS chocolate gets an upgrade with this premium version, offering an even better melty mouthfeel, milky flavor and rich cocoa taste.
Using cocoa beans from Venezuela and Dominica, and creamy butter from Japan, this is a fresh new taste from DARS.

DARS Raspberry Chocolate Flavor

A delicious chocolate combining rich cocoa and fruity raspberry. Enjoy the sweet and sour flavor of raspberry balanced out by the slightly bitter cocoa.

TV Commercial

A Day with DARS

What if three DARS chocolates turned into three Masaki SUDAs?
To find out, we've invited popular Japanese actor Masaki SUDA to play the "roles" of different DARS chocolates.
To help make every day a Happy DARS day, SUDA will appear in shops to play out the battle between three flavors – perhaps even at a store near you!
Red SUDA, Black SUDA or White SUDA – which DARS do you choose today?