DARS Milk Chocolate

Rich-tasting milk chocolate with a mellow caramel flavor.

DARS Bitter Chocolate

This classic bitter chocolate has a sweet fragrance that balances well with the bitterness of cocoa beans.

DARS White Chocolate

White chocolate characterized by its rich and creamy milky feeling, as well as a clear aftertaste.

DARS Strawberries

A real, fresh strawberry wrapped in rich milk chocolate.
Enjoy the exclusive DARS mouthfeel as the chocolate melts in your mouth.

DARS Rum Raisin Cookie Sandwich

The rum raisin and biscuit smothered in white chocolate delights with rich aroma and elegant flavor.

TV Commercial

The DARS-Day Song Episode

With the addition of the new Berry DARS flavor, the DARS family now boasts four family members!
Masaki Suda, a famous actor and singer in Japan, created the theme song for the four kinds of DARS chocolate.
In the studio, Suda sang a song after he tasted a particular flavor and repeated the process until he had eaten and sun about all four. Only then did he finally start recording the DARS song.
What does the final song sound like?