Morinaga Milk Cocoa is available in many variations!
Milk Cocoa series / Milk Cocoa Stick series A globally recognized taste! The standard Milk Cocoa with the rich, mellow flavor loved by everyone!

Milk Cocoa

The classic hot chocolate everybody knows and loves!

Milk Cocoa Stick

Enjoy a cup of rich and sweet hot chocolate at home. Each serving comes in convenient packets.

Milk Cocoa Stick One-quarter the calories

Enjoy a slightly sweet and rich hot chocolate with only one quarter of the calories. Each serving comes in convenient packets.

How to make tasty

Surprisingly, the more you knead it, the tastier the hot chocolate becomes.

By kneading the powder with a little hot milk (or hot water) before adding the hot milk or hot water, the hot chocolate becomes smoother in texture and richer in taste and flavor.

[Why does it become smoother in texture?]

By kneading the powder with a little hot milk (or hot water,) the starch in the cocoa is said to gelatinize, which then enhances the smooth texture and increases the rich taste and flavor.


Here is some little-known hot chocolate trivia, a drink that is also healthy.

- Cacao, the ingredient of hot chocolate, grows in hot, humid areas.

Cacao refers to the seeds in the fruit of the cacao tree.
Cacao is grown in hot, humid areas within the latitudes of 20 degrees south and north and at an average temperature of 27°C. Major production areas of cacao are West Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia.

- Hot chocolate is also good for relieving constipation.

Dietary fiber has a role in cleaning the intestines, and as much as 30% of cacao is fiber.
This amount is much higher than that of raw vegetables and fruits. A cup of hot chocolate contains two to three times as much fiber as the same amount of tomato juice.

- Cocoa? Cacao?

Originally, the name “cacao” came from the Mayan and Aztec languages. Cacao beans were brought to Spain and then became popular in Europe, among which only British people found it difficult to pronounce “cacao” and changed the sound combination to “cocoa.” Like the English, Japanese use the term “cocoa.”

- Were cacao beans used as money in ancient times?

The scientific name for cacao beans, the ingredient of hot chocolate, is Theobroma cacao. “Theobroma” refers to the "food of the gods" in Greek. In ancient times, the beans were considered so valuable that they were used as money.

- You should know the role of polyphenols, which are also found in cacao!

Besides cacao, polyphenols are found in red wine and green tea. Regardless of the food, polyphenols weaken active oxygen, which is related to various problems including arteriosclerosis and aging.

- Hot chocolate contains many minerals compared to other drinks.

Unlike other drinks made from extracted liquids, cocoa is made by grinding cacao beans. The beans contain calcium, magnesium, and iron, which modern people are said to lack.

- Hot chocolate is even safe for children.

The theobromine in cacao is the source of the bitterness unique to chocolate and cocoa and is chemically similar to caffeine in coffee and tea. However, while caffeine has the effect of interfering with sleep and has a strong excitatory action, theobromine’s effect is mild, allowing everyone from children to the elderly to safely enjoy it. This might be why you feel relaxed and soothed after drinking hot chocolate.