Collaboration with Social Groups/Non-affiliate Companies/Organizations

One Chocolate for One Smile

Amongst the countries near the equator that produce cacao, a raw ingredient of chocolate, there are regions where economic independence is difficult, and the educational environment is insufficient. One Chocolate for One Smile is a project that provides assistance in creating environments in Ghana and other cacao-producing countries where children can safely receive an education. Our partners in this support program are Plan International Japan and Action against Child Exploitation (ACE). In addition to our contribution throughout the year, one yen per chocolate for the target products is donated during the designated months.


Morinaga gives lectures and talks at events held by university clubs, NGOs, and other organizations interested in the One Chocolate for One Smile project and Fair Trade. The Ethical Consumption and Fair Trade movements have yet to become widespread in Japan, but interest is high among the young generations and so they are expected to gain momentum in the future.

In-house Seminars

Morinaga holds in-house seminars in order to raise the level of employee knowledge and awareness. Guest speakers from our partners Action against Child Exploitation (ACE) and Plan International Japan and seminar participants hear activity reports for our support area and learn about international cacao trends and cacao sustainability. The seminars are attended by personnel from the various divisions and become forums for lively Q&A sessions and discussions.

High School Support Initiative

In 2016, the Hokkaido Sapporo Kiyota High School Second Year Global Course introduced a unit examining Morinaga’s International Fair Trade-certified chocolate. Lectures were presented on our the One Chocolate for One Yen project, and students made presentations summarizing information and ideas on the spread of the Fair Trade movement. Thus, Morinaga provided support for classes enabling students to proactively learn about Fair Trade and think seriously about how to resolve various social issues.

Participation in the Bellmark Program

Morinaga has continuously participated in the Bellmark program since it was launched in 1960 and has provided support for Bellmark activities, which assist the improvement of school equipment and educational materials, as well as children who are endeavoring to learn with various disabilities. Currently, Morinaga is contributing to the Bellmark program by printing the Bell Mark on six products: Milk Caramel, Hi-Soft, Morinaga Biscuit, ChocoBall, Milk Chocolate, and Ottotto.

Morinaga Angel Foundation

Emphasizing the importance of an Angel’s Heart, which is Morinaga’s symbol, the Morinaga Angel Foundation conducts research on forms of abundant human lifestyles and the forms that families should take in the future, and also holds forums. We especially hope that children—the leaders of the future—will grow and develop healthy and strong; therefore, we are pouring effort into researching and implementing sports and outdoor activities. In addition, we are delivering MORI-no-Ehon children’s books to children in the areas affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake. Results of these activities are published in the Angel Series and other publications and shown in videos on the Morinaga Angel Foundation website.

Joint Programs with Non-affiliated Companies through the Angel Smile Project

Under this system, companies that wish to used Morinaga’s “Angel” trademark with their products1 become involved in CSR activities contributing to the improvement of environments for children’s educational and training programs in lieu of paying licensing fees.2 We aim to create an environment in which customers can rest assured that any company’s products bearing the “Angel” mark are safe products that support children around the world.

  1. 1Limited to food manufacturers, food distributors, and food suppliers. [Participating companies] Angel-no-Mori Col., Ltd.; Tatsuyabussan Co., Ltd.; Fuji Baking Group Co., Ltd.
  2. 2Registration of these logos (characters, figures, etc.) under their own intellectual property rights differentiate them from original Morinaga products and enable the logos to be used exclusively.

Membership in the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF)

Morinaga supports the activities of the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF)—which promotes various programs aimed at providing technical guidance and educational support for cacao farmers, as well as realizing societies without child labor, and provide support for cacao-producing countries through our activities as a WCF member.

  • * World Cocoa Foundation (WCF)
    An organization that aims to achieve sustainable cacao economic development through the world’s major chocolate manufacturers by contributing to environmental protection and economic/social development in cacao-producing regions.

Contribution to the Local Community

Participation in the Minato Citizens’ Festival/Minato Area Welfare Forum

As a member of Minato-Net (a network comprising CSR personnel of companies with headquarters or offices located in Minato City, corporate foundations, volunteer centers, and other organizations), Morinaga exchanges information and contributes to the Minato community.
In October 2016, Morinaga participated in the Wakuwaku! Minato City Quiz Rally as part of the 35th Minato Citizens’ Festival. Together with team members from other companies, we prepared quiz questions about Minato City, and then on the day of the rally, divided into groups to man each rally point, effecting exchange with community members through operation of the quiz rally.
In November 2016, Morinaga participated in the first Minato Community Welfare Forum held by the Minato Council of Social Welfare. The event provided an opportunity for friendly interactions with spirited senior citizens active in the local community.

Handmade HI-CHEW Classes at Elementary School

Morinaga’s Food Education Team members, Tsurumi Factory Tour Guide, and Yokohama Branch Sales staff visited Shimosueyoshi Elementary School in the Shimosueyoshi district of Tsurumi-Ku, Yokohama City (where Morinaga’s Tsurumi Factory is located) to hold a Handmade HI-CHEW class. On the day, 162 students and their teachers and parents/guardians gathered in the school gymnasium and made HI-CHEW candy in designs of their own choosing using HI-CHEW sheets manufactured at the Tsurumi Factory. The children’s eyes sparkled at HI-CHEW’s soft texture and delicious aroma, and happily took home their richly individualistic creations as souvenirs.
After making their HI-CHEW candy creations, exchange with the students was further deepened through a Q&A session with Morinaga staff and a quiz about Morinaga products with the Tsurumi Factory Tour Guide.