For the smiles of our business partners

Through “food”, MORINAGA aims to be a company that delivers products providing value and inspiration as well as services and information. We are therefore endeavoring to enhance our quality assurance system, which ensures the safety and reliability that forms the foundation for these capabilities, as well as to promote dialogue with our customers and improve products and services.

Procurement Policies of the MORINAGA Group

In order to realize food safety and reliability as well as a sustainable society, the MORINAGA Group endeavors to build fair and equitable relationships with our business partners, carrying out procurement activities that are considerate of society and the environment.

1. Compliance/adherence to social norms, etc.
We comply with laws and social norms, etc., carrying out healthy procurement activities in accordance with the MORINAGA Group’s Code of Conduct.
2. Product quality/safety assurance
Placing top priority on customers’ safety and peace of mind, we strive to ensure product quality in carrying out our procurement activities.
3. Strengthening partnerships
We work together with our business partners with the common goals of Customer Delight” and “Customer First”, building relationships that enable mutual expansion.
4. Fair and equitable trading
Comprehensively taking into account efforts related to product quality, prices, delivery deadlines, technological strength, and social/environmental aspects, we undertake fair and equitable trading activities.
5. Consideration for human rights/work environment/safety
Based on the MORINAGA Group’s human rights policies, we carry out procurement activities giving consideration to human rights, the work environment, and safety.
6. Consideration for the global environment
Based on the MORINAGA Group’s environmental policies, we carry out procurement activities aimed at realizing a sustainable society, giving consideration to the global environment.

Declaration of Procurement Policies

The MORINAGA Group has conventionally formulated “materials purchasing policies” and built fair, equitable, and transparent relationships with our trading partners; however, in order to contribute to the pursuit of food safety and reliability as well as to the realization of a sustainable society, we have newly formulated “Procurement Policies” that give even greater consideration to society and the environment.

Strengthening partnerships with business partners

In order for MORINAGA to realize our vision of “Delicious, fun, and healthy”, it is essential that we establish mutual relationships of trust with our business partners in all areas of operations,
from procurement through manufacturing to distribution. For this reason, it is important for both parties to understand each other’s thinking and technological strengths, mutually check each other’s product quality management methods and manufacturing sites (through inspection visits),
and establish detailed and regular communication. Our business partners are good partners for MORINAGA,
and in future we will continue to create forums for useful discussion with our business partners to enable our mutual growth over the long-term.