Nature Exploration

Iga/Angel Forest

Blessed with paddies and fields, streams, tree groves, and other abundant nature and providing homes for a diversity of creatures, the rural countryside is the landscape of Japanese hometowns and places where humans and nature can coexist when humans maintain this landscape. At the Iga-Ueno site, which is a Morinaga property, we provide various programs, such as the Forest Kindergarten and the Parent-child One-day Camp where participants can experience their connection to nature and draw out their physical and mental strength through free play while interacting with nature.

Uninhabited Island Exploratory Expeditions

Morinaga has conducted 16 Uninhabited Island Exploratory Expeditions since 1999. By living together in a natural environment, where there is no electricity or water services, children learn about the magnificence and harshness of nature, recalling their Seven Capabilities for Living (protect yourself, eat, take action, cooperate, coexist with nature, create, and take on challenges).