Nature Exploration

Iga/Angel Forest

Since 2007, MORINAGA has been holding activities in the Iga Angel Forest (which is land owned by the company) giving children the opportunity to try outdoor cooking while experiencing nature and learning about the importance of protecting the environment. In the "Forest Kindergarten" program for preschoolers, children and their parents get all muddy as they explore the forest and then try their hands at outdoor cooking. This offers parents and children an opportunity to find and learn about the beauty of nature during the four seasons and the delights of eating outdoors.

Uninhabited Island Exploratory Expeditions

MORINAGA has conducted 18 Uninhabited Island Exploratory Expeditions since 1999. In this year, 31 elementary school children participated in great adventure on Matsushima Island, an uninhabited island in the Himeji City region in Hyogo Prefecture. Although the children were somewhat perplexed about visiting the ocean for the first time, cooking outdoors, living without electricity and water, and being away from their family, they explored and lived on the uninhabited island to learn about the convenience of ordinary lifestyle. It helped them develop a sense of gratitude toward living creatures and the beauty of nature while they learned the importance of friends to grow substantially.

Book report of participant