For the smiles of shareholders and investors

In addition to delivering management information in a timely and easy-to-understand manner, MORINAGA ensures that shareholders and investors receive continual and stable dividends.

Basic policies regarding disclosure of information

Our company will conduct business in compliance with laws and with a high sense of ethics; in addition, the company will endeavor to disclose management information and ensure transparency by providing information to shareholders and investors in a timely manner.
In accordance with the Companies Act, Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, and other related laws and ordinances, as well as the Rules on Timely Disclosure of Corporate Information prescribed by stock exchanges,byIssuers of Listed Securities (hereinafter referred to as “Timely Disclosure Rules”)
we will disclose corporate performance outlook information and other important information accurately and promptly via our company’s website.

Communication with shareholders and investors

Shareholders’ meetings/financial results briefings

At shareholders’ meetings, MORINAGA always takes especial care to ensure that shareholders’understandingof our business operations is continually deepening.
Furthermore, MORINAGA holds financial results briefings twice a year, in May and November, for securities analysists and institutional investorsAtfinancial results briefings, MORINAGA’s top management provide explanations of the company’s financial situation, future strategies, and performance outlook, as well as answer various questions. Materials used at financial results briefings are made publicly available on the MORINAGA website.

Scene from a financial results meeting

Scene from a financial results meeting

Notice of a shareholders’ meeting

Shareholders’ News

Factory tours for securities analysts and institutional investors

MORINAGA conducts factory tours for securities analysts and institutional investors with the aim of further deepening understanding of MORINAGA’s business activities.InFY2016, securities analysts and institutional investors were invited to visit Takasaki MORINAGA Co., Ltd. where they viewed the equipment and processed used in the manufacture of high-quality products. The factory tour was followed by a lively Q&A session regarding improvement initiatives.

Takasaki MORINAGA Co., Ltd.

Profit distribution

In addition to strengthening our management foundation, MORINAGA regards distributing profits to shareholders to be of the utmost importance, and providing dividends commensurate with company performance while securing stable dividends is fundamental.