Food Education Experiences

Confectionary Education: Heart-to-Heart Communication through Confectionary

MORINAGA believes that the value of confectionary lies not only supplementing nutrition but also its role in communication connecting people and hearts. Through our Confectionary Education program of activities for making your own original HI-CHEW candy and confectionary education picture story shows, children are provided with opportunities to enjoyably learn about the value of sweets and how to handle confectionaries effectively in their diets, while at the same time nurturing their creativity.

Confectionary Education is a unique program run by Morinaga as part of our efforts to support children’s healthy growth. Through this program, we convey the important role of confectionaries in nutrition as well as spiritual fulfillment and communications among family members and friends. We also provide information about how to make good choices regarding confectionary consumption, appropriate consumption quantities depending on age and level of activity, and measures to prevent tooth decay.

KidZania: Work Experience through Confectionary

Morinaga has Confectionary Factory Pavilions at KidZania Tokyo and KidZania Koshien, popular facilities where children can have work and social experiences while playing. Each child visiting these pavilions can make their own original HI-CHEW candy, learning through this experience not only the pleasure of manufacturing confectionaries but also knowledge of food sanitation and nutrition.

Factory Tours: Educational Field Trips through Confectionary

Through factory tours, we let participants see and experience hands-on not only the fun and true pleasure of manufacturing, but also the measures used to ensure food safety and security. In addition, as a special experience, we offer the Kyorochan virtual factory tour where children can enjoy the factory tour using virtual reality.