Environmentally conscious product development

From raw materials to packaging and disposal, MORINAGA aims to carry out product manufacturing that takes reducing environmental load into consideration from various perspectives. We carry out measures to control waste and have introduced universal designs that make is easy to reduce waste volumeat the time of disposal. We are constantly thinking about the environment as we carry out product planning and development.

Environmentally friendly packaging

Reducing plastic volume

Hotcake Mix

The width of individual wrapper film has been reduced, decreasing the amount of plastic film used.

Use of biomass plastics

MORINAGA uses biomass plastics made from plant-derived materials in packaging.We are endeavoring to reduce environmental load through measures such as reducing use of fossil resources and controlling CO2 emissions.


Plant-derived raw-materials are partially used in the individual stick pouches

Reducing paper amounts

Oishii Collagen Drink

The specification of cardboard cases was reviewed to reduce the amount of paper used.

Used of “cartocan” paper drink containers

“cartocan” are environmentally friendly paper containers made using domestically produced materials and timber from forest thinning.

MORINAGA’s gentle-tasting Komekoji Amazake (sweet malted rice wine)

This drink is packaged in environmentally friendly “cartocan”.


Reducing environmental load at the time of storage/transportation

To enable as many products as possible to be loaded onto the pallets used in product storage and transportation, we have made adjustments to cardboard case measurements and stacking attitude as well as undertaken product design that eliminates space wastage as part of endeavors to control energy use related to product storage and transportation.