Choco Monaka Jumbo



A year-round favorite, Choco Monaka Jumbo features the perfect balance of chocolate, ice cream and monaka wafers that has made it a Japanese tradition. With a history that spans over four decades, Choco Monaka Jumbo is a best-seller and a symbol of Morinaga's unwavering quest for perfection.


  • Choco Monaka Jumbo
  • Vanilla Monaka Jumbo

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Did You Know?

Crispy Chocolate Center

You can enjoy the subtle sweetness of the monaka wafers, the smoothness of ice cream and the light crispness of chocolate, all balanced into each bite of Choco Monaka Jumbo.

Perfect for Sharing

Divided conveniently into a grid of squares, Choco Monaka Jumbo is designed to be easily shared with friends and family – although after a taste you may want to keep it all to yourself!