BAKE Chocolate 10-Piece Pack

Thanks to our customers’ ongoing support, Morinaga’s BAKE chocolate, which is produced using our exclusive techniques, is celebrating its 14th anniversary. To create an even better flavor, we engaged in a lengthy research process during 2017, making over 100 samples, and we are pleased to announce that we have finally developed the ultimate baked chocolate. This new BAKE chocolate features a smooth sweetness and aroma that perfectly represents the upcoming spring and summer seasons, and will no doubt bring much joy to chocolate fans.

BAKE Cookie 10-Piece Pack

Introducing the brand-new BAKE Cookie flavor with outstanding flavor. Each piece of chocolate is topped with a crunchy cookie, offering a simple yet addictive mouth-watering taste. Enjoy a delicious combination of flavors condensed into each single piece.


Yaki-ire Sisters

As we reach the exhausting end of the financial year, Morinaga presents the cute yet slightly terrifying “Yaki-ire Sisters”.
“We’ll take all our stress and bake it away with our BAKE Cookies! Rahhh!”