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We’re not just making candy – we’re making smiles

At Morinaga, we’re not only delivering great taste through our products. We want to strengthen communication with our customers and make them smile. We’re doing this though several campaigns and activities.

Publicity, Advertising, and PR Activities

Organization, Cooperation, and Support of Consumer
Participation Events

The Weider brand supports diverse events and sport activities. Weider is the main sponsor of “a‐nation powered by Weider in Jelly,” one of the largest outdoor live tour events in Japan. Weider also supports F‐League, Japan Footsal League, and the “Foil Fencing Ota Yuki Cup.”

Kyoro‐chan, the mascot for Morinaga’s Chocoball chocolate, sends important messages to children while they enjoy Kyoro‐chan Fantasy Dream Musical. The show travels to 20 locations across the country. Kyoro‐chan also assists in the promotion of the Bosai no Shiori (Disaster Prevention Tips), a booklet published by municipal disaster prevention programs (compiled and edited by local governments across the country), by drawing attention to the usefulness of popular confectionaries and jelly drinks as emergency food. Kyoro‐chan makes appearances at disaster prevention events to promote awareness of local disaster prevention activities.

In a collaborative research project between industry and academia, Morinaga and Professor Kawashima of Tohoku University have teamed up to study how a snack making experience, such as cooking hotcakes, affects children’s brain activities. The outcome of the research is used in hotcake making events organized by Morinaga.

  • a-nation
  • Kyoro chan's Dream
    Fantasy Musical
  • Disaster prevention events
  • Professor Kawashima

Communicating through the Web and Mobile Electronic Devices

Maintaining close communication with customers

Morinaga is an active communicator on the Internet. We publish the latest news on our website regarding corporate announcements, IR information, new products and commercials, and even dessert recipes, in a timely manner. Morinaga’s mobile site offers a variety of digital gadgets free of charge. We also maintain close communication with our customers through our effective use of a variety of social media, including blogs, SNS, Twitter, and video sharing sites.

  • Dessert recipes website

Activities that Contribute to Society through Products

Morinaga conducts social contribution activities under the Angel Smile Project to brighten the futures of children around the world with its confectionaries.

One Chocolate for One Smile

Part of chocolate sales helps children of cocoa‐producing countries

Chocolates are made from cocoa beans produced in countries near the Equator. There are many regions in this are where people experience difficulty in achieving economic independence and providing an adequate environment for education. “One Chocolate for One Smile” is a campaign to help Ghana and other cocoa‐ producing countries to develop an environment in which their children can study in peace. Morinaga has partnered with Plan Japan, an international NGO, and Ace, a Japanese NGO, in its assistance efforts. In addition to annual donations, Morinaga donates one yen per each designated chocolate product sold during the semiannual Special Campaign Months.

Support for the Bellmark Campaign: Assistance for
School Equipment and Supplies

Morinaga has been a sponsor of the Bellmark Campaign since the movement started in 1960. The canpaign helps schools purchase equipment and educational materials and provide education to children with handicaps. Today, the Bell Mark is found on Milk Caramels, Hi‐Soft, Morinaga Biscuits,Chocoball chocolate, Milk Chocolate, and Ottotto crackers.

A Work Experience Venue where Learning Is Enjoyable

Experiencing HI‐CHEW Manufacturing at Kidzania
Tokyo and Kidzania Koshien (Pavilion Sweets Factory)

Morinaga has opened the Pavilion Sweets Factory at Kidzania Tokyo and Kidzania Koshien, popular play‐learning theme parks where children can try out a wide variety of jobs and have fun. Every child who visits the Pavilion can make his or her own original HI‐CHEW. The Pavilion offers the children an opportunity to experience the joy of candy‐making and learn about food sanitation and nutrition at the same time.