Quality and Safety Assurance

Our commitment to quality, safety and peace of mind

Quality is our highest priority, and it is exemplified in every aspect of our operations from product planning and development, manufacturing and logistics.

Quality Assurance System

  • Safety of ingredients

    Safety of ingredients

    All of our ingredients are secured from suppliers who are able to meet our stringent guidelines. Not only do they have to meet food sanitation act guidelines, we also check for additives and allergens in an effort to guarantee safety and quality. Thorough testing is also done.

  • Planning and Development

    Planning and Development

    Through our Quality Assessment program, every effort is made to ensure safety and compliance with laws and regulations. “Quality Assessment: 230-point checklist covering design, packaging, labeling, production guidelines, safety, regulatory guidelines, etc.

  • Quality assurance in our factories

    Quality assurance in our factories

    We have our unique quality control system, Morinaga HACCP, in place in our factories as an effort to avoid producing and shipping undesirable products. Frequent checks and audits are conducted to further assure quality and safety.
    Morinaga HACCP: Our very own check and balance system based on the International HACCP standards.

  • Managing at all stages: storage, shipping and storefront

    All stages of distribution are carefully monitored so that only the highest quality, safe products reach our customers.

Our Commitment to Safety and Quality

  • Accurate and Clear Labeling

    Accurate and Clear Labeling

    All information on our labels should not only follow food sanitation acts and JAS guidelines, but also provide information that is essential in our customer’s food selection. We strive to provide accurate and easy to understand information on nutrition, allergens and expiration dates.

  • Countermeasures for food allergies

    Countermeasures for food allergies

    In an effort to provide as much information as possible to our consumers, information on possible allergy-inducing ingredients is available not only on our packages, but also on our company website.
    We will continue to follow stringent guidelines for all 27 established and associated food allergens out of consideration for our consumers’ concerns.

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