Global Business Development

The Morinaga Group is aggressively pursuing opportunities to expand its business around the globe. While placing priority on the United States, Southeast Asia and China, the Group is promoting local production and developing a sales network in its efforts to increase market share.​

Wold Map
  • Banten

    PT. Morinaga Kino Indonesia - Banten

    Powdered beverages, Candies

    Powdered beverages, Candies

    Joint venture company with local corporation (Kino). Currently expanding the product line through joint development.

  • Indonesia

    PT. Morinaga Kino Indonesia - Semarang Factory

    Powdered beverages, Candies

    Powdered beverages, Candies

    Manufacturing plant for products sold through PT. Morinaga Kino

  • Shanghai

    Shanghai Morinaga Co., Ltd. - Shanghai



    Expanding throughout China with. Showroom in Shanghai.

  • Zhejiang

    Morinaga Food (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. - Zhejiang



    Manufacturing plant for products shipped to Shanghai Morinaga, Southeast Asia and North America.

  • Taiwan

    Taiwan Morinaga Co., Ltd. - Taipei

    Candies, Caramels, Chocolate, Snack Foods, Weider

    Weider in Jelly, Candies, Caramels, Chocolates, Snack Foods

    More than 50 years in business with an extensive product range.

  • Bangkok

    Morinaga & Co., Ltd. Thailand Representative Office - Bangkok

    HI-CHEW, DARS Chocolate

    HI-CHEW, DARS Chocolate

    Responsible for southeast Asian market including Thailand, Viet Nam and Phillipines.

  • Bangkok

    Morinaga Bioscience (Thailand) Co., Ltd. - Bangkok

    Food Safety Testing Kits

    A non-consolidated subsidiary, operated in conjunction with Kasetsart University in Thailand.
    Manufacture and sales of testing kits for food allergens.

  • Los Angeles

    Morinaga America, Inc. - Los Angeles

    DARS ChocolateHI-CHEW

    HI-CHEW, DARS Chocolate

    Distributor for all of the United States. Works closely with professional sports teams for marketing opportunities.

  • North Carolina

    Morinaga America Foods, Inc. - North Carolina

    DARS ChocolateHI-CHEW

    HI-CHEW, DARS Chocolate

    Established in 2015. Manufacturing of HI-CHEW for the U.S. market.

Technology Transfers and Marketing Agreements with Leading Companies Outside Japan

Bringing the Delicious Flavors of the
World to Japan

  • August Storck KG (Germany)​

    August Storck KG (Germany)​

    Import and sale in Japan of Werther’s Original products​

  • Pez International (Austria)​

    Pez International (Austria)​

    Import and sale in Japan of Pez products

  • Dare Foods Limited (Canada)​

    Dare Foods Limited (Canada)​

    Licensed production and sale of Thin Wheat Crackers with Wheat Germ

  • Kellogg Company (USA)​

    Kellogg Company (USA)​

    Sale in Japan of Pringles

Use of Trademarks

  • Weider Global Nutrition (USA)​

    Weider Global Nutrition (USA)​

    Licensed use of trademarks in a variety of products

  • Disney (USA)​

    Disney (USA)​

    Licensed use of Disney trademarks and copyrights in a variety of products

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